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The Filthy Fifty Workout

Posted: January 17, 2012 in salads, workouts

Kyle created a killer workout today! I encourage you to give this one a try when you need a fitness kick in the bottom! It is physically and mentally tough.

Before we get to the sweat, here’s a look at the weekly Monday salad. This month’s issue of Cooking Light magazine has “25 healthy chicken recipes“. Since I am frequently guilty of tearing out recipes and never, ever making them I decided to take a different approach.  I’m going to work through all the Cooking Light chicken recipes in order. What do you think?
That way I’ll have to make them all even if they’re out of my comfort zone.
I only have one on deck this week since I was on the plane last night when I did my menu planning. And I’ve already changed this one up a bit….is that allowed?  Well it’s my challenge so I guess so.

Tonight’s recipe is a Chicken Club Sandwich turned into a chicken club salad.
Chicken chunks, avocado, tomato, turkey bacon, cucumber, spinach, and a homemade dijon mustard viniagrette.  I was really sad Target didn’t have arugula today, because I was craving a peppery salad. However this one turned out great and the mustardy dressing really gave it a sandwich feel.  Scouts honor!

Why are salads with avocado awesome????
I also got to practice one of my personal resolutions – to make more dresssings from scratch.  It’s not hard and I know I save so much sugar and money by doing so. I used a recipe I found online at whole foods and mixed:
– 2T Dijon Mustard
– 1/4 c apple cider vinegar
– 2/3 c EVOO
– Salt and pepper and a pinch of Splenda

Delish and preservative free!

And now onto to the ugly, dirty, downright, filthy 50 workout~ here’s how to tackle it:
-You have 50 of each exercise.
– You have 4 tries to get to 50.
– Pick a weight that is heavy after 10-20 reps.  (If you can get through 50 on the first try it WASN’T heavy enough!)
– Get as many as you can on the first round and rest for 30 seconds.
– Get as many as you can on the second round and rest for 20 seconds.
– Get as many as you can on the third round and rest for 10 seconds.
– When you get to 50 you can stop.
– If it takes you 4 tries then move on to the next exercise.

For example~ on my squats….I did 25.  Rest 30 seconds.  Did 14 (numbers 25 – 39). Rest 20 seconds. Did 11 (numbers 39-50). Does that make sense?

Now you’re ready to tackle the filthy 50!

The Filthy 50 How To
Filthy 50 Exercises
You have 50 of each exercise.
Barbell Squat
You have 4 tries to get 50.
Lat Pulldown Machine
Pick a weight that feels heavy after 10-20 reps.
Leg Press Machine
Your rest progressively decreases – 30 seconds after the 1st attempt, 20 seconds after the 2nd, 10 seconds after the 3rd
Cable Row
When you reach 50 reps you stop.
Tricep Dips
Cable Bicep Curls
Roman Chair Leg Raises

Good luck! It can be a killer so if you have any questions let me know! It’s a very mental workout so try to tackle as much as you can in the first set.
Leg press- go heavy! You can always drop the weight in your second set.
I had wobbly legs in Target today!
Love and great glutes,

Carissa & Kyle


75 and sunny

Posted: January 15, 2012 in travel, workouts

It’s 7 degrees here in Boston. And I haven’t put on a jacket the entire time I’ve been here.  Think I have super-human warming powers?  Nope.  My work is connected to my hotel and I haven’t been outside in three days.  🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever felt 7 degrees.  I’m tempted to peek outside just to see what it feels like….but then again…it’s 75 and sunny in my room.  Why mess with perfection warmth?

Thumbs up for heat! (I have a creepy thumb!)

Last night I tackled a hotel gym full body workout.

The gym was pretty quiet, so I was able to hop from machine to machine in a super-set fashion.  If your gym is busier you can change up some of the moves to dumbbell exercises that work the same muscle group.

Superset #1 x 2
Leg Extension Machine
Leg Curl Machine
Shoulder Press Machine
Bench step up with lateral DB raise
12 each leg
12lb DB, 10lb DB
Superset #2 x 2
Straight legged deadlift w dumbbells
25lb DB
Flat DB chest press on bench
25lb DB
DB single arm row
12 each arm
25lb DB
DB reverse fly
10lb DB
Superset #3 x 2
Lat Pulldown Machine
Tricep dips off bench
Double hammer curl
15lb DB, 10lb DB
Abs x2
Stability ball situps – hands behind head
Stability Ball Jackknife

You do each “superset” all the way through and then repeat.  If you have any questions about the exercises just comment and I can elaborate or you can catch me on Twitter.  The ab jackknife if a great move to work your lower abs.
Last night I decided against room service and went the takeout/delivery route.  Good call! It saved me money and I ended up with leftovers to eat today.  I ordered teriyaki chicken with brown rice and added steamed broccoli.
Today also happens to be Sunday so I have some meal planning to do.  Do you plan your meals ahead?  I’m mentally planning and I’ll do the real thing on the plane tonight.
AND….my first vlog debuts tomorrow!  🙂 Exciting!

Do you cut coupons or plan your meals on Sunday?

Love and big lifts,
Carissa & Kyle

Bum ankle

Posted: January 3, 2012 in workouts

My ankle is bum and so am I.  As you may have seen on yesterday’s post, I sprained my ankle over the Christmas holiday.
It swelled, it turned purple, and now I have an entire green foot.  I call it leprechaun foot. Although there is not a pot of gold tied to me.  Dang it.
I’ve been walking okay with my brace or air cast since NYE.  I did a mild workout with weights yesterday and tried to stretch my foot to “emulate” a running movement.  Bad idea. 😦
So here I am.  Green, sore, not broken foot, and a half marathon in 18 days.

My formerly healthy food kicking marathon butt

I don’t know when I will be able to run or when it’s safe to even try.  I’d been training really hard for the half and was hoping to PR.  It’s not like 13.1 miles is something you can limp through and finish.  It’s a serious, something to be proud of deal.  That I might not get to do.
Any thoughts on recovery timeline or tips?
I know that race isn’t worth hurting myself worse.  I also know that missing 1-2 weeks of training will insure that I won’t PR.  But I also know that somewhere deep down inside me, I still think I can.

What to do with a bum ankle?

Here’s a look at the light workout I did yesterday:
– Random # of step-ups and push-ups to warm up
– 15 leg press

– 15 bench squats (sit down, touch butt on bench, stand up) with front DB raises

– 15 leg press
– 15 bench squats (sit down, touch butt on bench, stand up) with front DB raises
– 15 heavy reps on the abductor machine
– 30 second wall ball squat with low squat pulses
– 15 heavy reps on the abductor machine
– 30 second wall ball squat with low squat pulses
– 15 cable rows with each arm
– 15 tricep extension, ball toss with medicine ball 
– Tricep extensions to failure
– 15 cable rows with each arm
– 15 tricep extension, ball toss with medicine ball 
– Tricep extensions to failure
– Leg extension drop set – 12 reps 90lb, 10reps 80lb, 8 reps 70lb
– Ab machine + jack knives

Have you ever had a frustrating injury?

Love and limps, 

Kyle & Carissa

A Very Bealert Christmas

Posted: December 26, 2011 in family, holidays, workouts

Christmas is the most wonderful day of the year! 
I was so sad this morning when I woke up and the radio was playing “normal” music.  As a kid, Christmas was the greatest day, however as an adult it’s the entire Christmas season that I enjoy.  The lights, the music, all the special events…it will be missed.
Here’s a recap of a very warm and sunny Orlando Christmas.
My first site in the morning was a thrilling one…A NEW BICYCLE! I have wanted a bicycle for years, but I always resisted the expense.  Kyle is wonderful and he came through in a big way. Triathlon time?

Our breakfast at Kyle’s parents house included egg casserole and monkey bread.

After the gifts were exchanged, Kyle’s sister Kelsey and I decided to go run.  
Kelsey = fast runner.  Me = not as fast. Also don’t forget that it’s 11am at this point, 85 degrees, and perfectly sunny.
Did I have to call Kyle to pick me up 3 miles into the run….maybe???? Did I almost suffer heat stroke on Christmas Day….maybe???? 🙂
Our first two miles were at an 8:26 pace which is fast for me in the heat.  I pushed through to mile 3 and then decided that it was Christmas and I was done.  🙂
Kelsey went on to finish 8 blistering miles and then we put together a plyometric workout.
Christmas Body Weight Workout:
– 10 squats
– 10 push-ups
– 10 sit-ups
– 100m sprint
Repeat 10 times.
Kyle joined in the fun.  I liked this workout much better.
Sweaty and full of holiday joy Kyle and I headed back home to open our gifts.

Santa was goooooddddddd to me! 2 new Coach purses, a Coach wallet, 4 Under Armour tanks, coach perfume, and more!  I can’t believe it!

Kyle and I took naps, watched A Christmas Story, and then it was time to do a little cooking. 
I pondered and pondered over what to make for our Christmas dinner.  It was the first time I would ever be cooking on Christmas in my own home.  
We wanted to do something special, semi-easy, and semi-healthy.  We took a Whole Foods trip on Friday and we each picked out our proteins.  Salmon for me and a grass-fed Ribeye for Kyle.
For the sides I made twice baked potatoes the day before and pre-roasted brussel sprouts and asparagus.
We started our meal with some sparking wine and cheese appetizers.

The meal was delicious and I left plenty of room for more holiday treats to come!

Christmas Day is always wonderful and I enjoyed every moment.

How was your Christmas? Did you workout on Christmas?

Love and holly, 
Carissa & Kyle

Christmas Eve Workout

Posted: December 24, 2011 in workouts

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the gym
All the Bealerts were lifting, trying to stay slim.
All the dumbbells were lined on the racks with care,
In hopes that the Punisher soon would be there.

Ah- Christmas Eve for the fitness dedicated! To me it always feels so good to get in a workout before a holiday and a holiday meal. 

We lifted on the 23rd and have some high-intensity interval sprints set up for the 24th.

Here’s a look at our last lift before Christmas:
– 1 mile warm-up jog
– 15 warm up lying leg curls
– 8 heavy leg curls
– 8 heavy single leg, leg press – each leg

– 8 heavy leg curls
– 8 heavy single leg, leg press – each leg
– 8 heavy regular leg press
– 8 split leg squats with overhead shoulder press (do 1 leg the first rotation and the other the second)
– 8 overhead shoulder presses with holding the split squat
– 8 pull-ups
– 8 split leg squats with overhead shoulder press
– 8 overhead shoulder presses with holding the split squat
– 8 pull-ups
– 8 split leg squats with bicep curls (do 1 leg the first rotation and the other the second)
8 bicep curls holding the split squat
– 8 turn the clock pushups on top of the step.  Start with 1 hand on the step and the other on the floor.  Push-up and walk your hands over to the other side.  Push-up again. And again. And again. 🙂
– 8 split leg squats with bicep curls (do 1 leg the first rotation and the other the second)
– 8 bicep curls holding the split squat
– 8 turn the clock pushups on top of the step. 
– Burn-out tricep set.  Do as many cable tricep pushdowns as you can.  Hold at the bottom for 10 seconds.  Do as many pushdowns as you can.
– Ab work.

Give this workout a try for a mega holiday burn!
Give the gift of fitness.
I hope you all have the best Christmas Eve!  It’s my favorite day of the year…so full of magic and love!

Love and Kris Kringle, 
Carissa & Kyle

Happy Thanksgiving!  

I’ll be thankful when these 2 get along!

Well for me it is a mini version.  I am working a double on Thanksgiving so I am cooking a Thanksgiving inspired meal for Kyle and I tonight.  Christmas music is blaring, my cranberry sauce is cooling, and my pie is cooking in the fridge.  
Cooking in the fridge?  Yup! I found a delicious, healthy no-bake pumpkin pie.  That’s why I love the blog world.  I found this pie on Meghann’s blog who found it on Monica’s blog.  Healthy, quick, easy, festive.  I’m sold. Like I said, “cooking” in the fridge.
No-Bake Pumpkin Yogurt Pie

  • Pie crust – I used reduced fat graham cracker
  • 1 cup pumpkin
  • 1 cup greek yogurt – I used only one 6oz container. A little less but cheaper.
  • 1 package s/f butterscotch pudding mix
  • 1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
Mix pumpkin, yogurt, pudding mix and pie spice. Carefully spread into the pie shell. (Careful the mix will be very thick and might crack pie crust.) Refrigerate for 1 hour. Eat.
I said it was easy??

Before I could do my limited baking I had school this am and worked out.  Here’s what the gym trip looked like:
– .75 mile warm up jog
– 12 warm up prone leg curls
SuperSet #1:
– 15 leg extensions with a 5 second negative every 5th one
– Walking lunges with weighted barbell
– 8 jump squats onto box.  Squat, jump up, squat, jump down.
– Repeat
Superset #2:
– Reverse lunges with shoulder press and wide squat x12.  It’s a little complicated, but start feet together with the db at your shoulders.  Step back on your right leg to a lunge and do a shoulder press as you do.  Step together.  Repeat with left leg back. Then step apart and do a wide squat.  Bring legs back together and start again.
– Wide squats with DB to failure
– Barbell reverse grip bent over row x 12
– Repeat
SuperSet #3:
– 6 machine chest press each arm, 6 both arms
– 45 second run at 6.0, 15 incline
– repeat chest machine
– 30 second run at 6.5, 15 incline
– 10 pushups
– 25 second run at 7.0, 15 incline

Finish with abs.  I did reverse leg curls and reverse leg lifts.  As always try to rest as little as possible between sets.
Post-workout I fueled up with a black cherry, vanilla smoothie.  I have read several times that cherries after a workout help with soreness.  We shall see.

I’m off to start on the rest of my Mock-giving dinner.  Look for full details on WIAW tomorrow! Also check out my post on what I’m thankful for.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Love and eay peezy pies,
Carissa & Kyle

I AM a personal trainer

Posted: November 19, 2011 in workouts

My husband is, as you all know, the BEST, TOUGHEST, most CREATIVE personal trainer ever to grace the milky way galaxy.  He’s amazing and I rely on him 3 times a week to make me cry and question why I set foot in the gym…
BUT…..I AM a personal trainer too.  But why use my brain when he is so much better for training?
Today I actually did use my brain.  I had to workout in my hotel and while Kyle writes me plenty of hotel workouts we didn’t know what equipment the gym had here.  I forgot to go look last night, so I said I’d just figure it out myself.
Here’s what went down.  80’s headphones and all.  How did I do?

80’s headphones and wearing my towel like a bib. The hotness*

 Warm-up: 800m jog, 15 squats with 40lb
Superset #1: 12 deadlifts with 50lb, 12 lat pulldown @75lb – repeat
Superset #2: 15 Hamstring curl, 10 20lb chest press followed by 5 single arm – repeat
Superset #3: 10 single leg leg extesion each leg followed by 10 leg extensions with both legs, 10 15lb shoulder press on medicine ball followed by a 10 second hold and 5 more reps – repeat
Superset #4: Hammer bicep curls to failure 15lb, walking lunges with 30lb, 12 reverse lunges each leg – repeat
Superset #5: 12 DB tricep kickbacks each arm, 1 minute plank hold with 15 knee bends, 20 double crunches

I tried to remember 3 things when doing this workout.
1. Hit every muscle group starting with the biggest first.
2. Don’t rest between sets. Keep that heart rate up.
3. As Kyle says, “I don’t care about the first 10 reps.  It’s the ones that hurt I want.”  I think that traces back to something Muhammed Ali said.  They asked him how many sit-ups he does and it said, “I go until it starts to hurt.  Then I start counting.”

After my workout I went downstairs to enjoy my free breakfast.  Staying in healthy mode I ordered the egg white omelet with peppers, mushrooms, and roasted tomatoes.

It needed ketchup!

Have you ever worked out so hard that your arms are shaking as you try to eat? That was totally me today! At least I took off the 80’s headphones!

Love and hypertrophy, 
Carissa & Kyle

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Welcome back Workout

Posted: November 15, 2011 in salads, workouts

“Welcome Back.” 

Hi Mom.

That’s what Kyle kept saying to me during my workout yesterday.  
“Welcome back.” Although his had a much more menacing tone to it.  

I missed a weekly full body workout last week with my travel.  I opted to get in my long run over my workout and then spent time with family instead of the gym.  
I don’t feel guilty about it one bit…I just didn’t appreciate his taunting as I sweated and wheezed.  “Welcome back.”  Don’t worry – I took a couple of swings at him! 
My quads are still feeling his warm welcome today, so here’s a look at how he brought the pain.

Warm-up: 1.5 mile treadmill run at 6.7
Superset #1:
– Warm up 12 each leg back lunge split squat with barbell.  Stand with feet together.  Step back to lunge with left leg.  Stand up to split position, squat down with feet still in split position, then return your feet back together.  Step back with right leg and repeat the squat.
– 12 each leg back lunge split squat with barbell. Heavier now.  
– Once you reach 12 put your feet 12 inches apart and do 10 close leg squats.
– Sitting DB alternating shoulder press.  Hold both DB over head.  With your right arm above your head, do 1 rep with your left arm.  Then keep your left arm up and rep with your right arm.  Then do a normal shoulder press.  So it’s like, “right arm, left arm, both.” Go to failure.
– Without rest use the same dumbells for bicep curls to failure.
– Repeat the circuit.  The second time around I did progressive split squats.  So I would step back, do 5 split squats, switch legs, 5 split squats, switch legs 4…and so on. Still finishing with close squats.

Split squat position. Except in this workout my back foot was flat and I had a weighted barbell on my back.

Superset #2:
– 8 heavy leg press
– 10 standing broad jumps outside down a hill
– Sprint up hill
– 12 lat pulldowns
– 8 push-ups with feet on the lat pulldown bench
– Repeat the circuit
Superset #3:
– I’m pretty dead here!
– Cable tricep extensions – 10
– Hanging leg raises – 15
– Reverse crunch – 15

I headed home to study for a Community Health final that’s Thursday and to whip up our signature Monday salad.  Greek? Nope! Today I went for the Cobb.

Cobb salad:
– Rotisserie chicken
– Organic spring mix
– Cucumber
– Roma tomato
– Asparagus
– Turkey bacon
– Avocado
– Blue cheese
– Raspberry vinaigrette
I also had some Paula Dean broccoli in garlic herb sauce on the side.  Yeah – a little heavy on the dressing.  Thanks Paula! But I had a coupon and it was 45 cents so I couldn’t pass it up!

Shew- what a workout!  I’m tired all over again just reading it.  I didn’t mind the beating.  I’m pushing hard to achieve my sub-2 half marathon in January.

What’s the last “really tough” workout you had?

Love and giving it your all,
Carissa & Kyle

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5 miles down

This morning started off at 730am with a full body workout. My week is off a bit, because I’ll be traveling to Virginia to announce the inagural Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon. Anyone running it? That being said I want to make sure I get in clean food and hard workouts before I go.
Here’s what the morning looked like:
– 8 wide, 8 narrow heavy leg press
– 10 each leg split squat with the back leg elevated with 40lbs
– 8 heavy dumbbell chest press
– 10 close grip pull-down
– 10 single arm DB chest press
– 10 single arm DB row
– 10 each leg split squat with the back leg elevated with 40lbs
– 8 wide, 8 narrow heavy leg press
– 10 box jumps
– 10 close grip pull down
– 15 single leg, leg extension each leg
– 12 machine row
– 10 tricep cable extensions
– 12 leg extensions
– 12 machine row
– 10 tricep cable extensions
– Ab work in the Roman chair

Last night we had a very nostalgic, comfort dinner.  I received a bottle of Classico Light Creamy Alfredo Sauce as part of the FoodBuzz featured publisher program.

I immediately knew what I wanted to make: blackened chicken alfredo!
Back in the day, as in when I could eat whatever I wanted (it was a Wed-nes-day), I loved me some alfredo.  I also didn’t know what a calorie was then.  I always got the chicken alfredo pizza at the OG. (Olive Garden if ya didn’t know).
The Classico sauce is a better alternative to alfredo.  I has 60 calories per serving and is made from real ingredients like cream, parmesan cheese, and butter. It’s still a “treat” meal to me, but it’s a lightened classic.

We covered some chicken in Old Bay blackening season and the Grill King did his thing.
I cooked some whole wheat spaghetti, whipped up a spinach salad, and chopped a raw red bell pepper for extra vitamin C on the side.

I fought the urge to top my pasta with more parmesan cheese and I enjoyed every nostalgic bite. The sauce had a rich, creamy flavor and all I had to do was heat it up and serve.
Very simple for busy alfredo loving Moms!

Thanks to Foodbuzz and Classico!

served with a side of flying kitten.

What’s a lightened comfort food you’d recommend?

Love and white sauce,
Carissa & Kyle

Lucky Legs

Posted: October 16, 2011 in workouts

My usual workouts are full body.  Full body workouts, 3 times a week, is the perfect formula for me.  We’re all different so some people use an upper/lower split, push/pull, front/back, whatever works.  
I like full body workouts, because by using high intensity methods I can assure I’m working my muscles to failure and gaining strength.  Also because it’s full body I can quickly move between exercises to keep my heart rate elevated and burn extra calories.

On Friday I left my chiropractor and he told me not to work out my upper body.  For those of you who don’t know, I have 2 herniated discs in my neck from an auto accident last year.  They have been bothering me lately so Doc put the squash on the arms.

So just legs it is. And it hurt.  Doing just high intensity legs can wear you out!

Wanna give it a go?

Lucky Legs Only Workout:

Leg press

Warm Up: 15 leg press at an easy weight
Set #1:
– Heavy leg press x 10 – push up with an 8 second negative
– Box jump with a low squat at the top and bottom – x 10
– Hamstring curl – x10
– Repeat above 3 exercises

Source. And please squat lower before jumping than this guy.  He’s weak.

Set #2:
– Single leg, leg extension – x10 each leg
– Split squat box jump. Stand in a split squat position with your front leg elevated on a box about 12 inches high.  Jump and land in the same postion.  x10 each leg
– Lower back extension x12
– Repeat above 3 exercises

This is the leg position for the single leg squat jump. However you would be facing the other way.  Elevate your front foot, then jump, and land with your front foot still elevated.

Burn Out:
– Box runners 2×15 each side. Stand on top of “step” (like the ones used in group classes) and “run” on top of it. First time step with your right leg first and then lead with your left leg).
– Box jumping jack squats 15. Stand with you legs apart and one on each side of the step.  Squat and jump your legs together on top of the box.  Jump down. Repeat.

I ended the workout with some decline leg curls for the lower abs and probably some crying.  My legs were done-zo.

Love and glutes of fire,
Carissa & Kyle