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75 and sunny

Posted: January 15, 2012 in travel, workouts

It’s 7 degrees here in Boston. And I haven’t put on a jacket the entire time I’ve been here.  Think I have super-human warming powers?  Nope.  My work is connected to my hotel and I haven’t been outside in three days.  🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever felt 7 degrees.  I’m tempted to peek outside just to see what it feels like….but then again…it’s 75 and sunny in my room.  Why mess with perfection warmth?

Thumbs up for heat! (I have a creepy thumb!)

Last night I tackled a hotel gym full body workout.

The gym was pretty quiet, so I was able to hop from machine to machine in a super-set fashion.  If your gym is busier you can change up some of the moves to dumbbell exercises that work the same muscle group.

Superset #1 x 2
Leg Extension Machine
Leg Curl Machine
Shoulder Press Machine
Bench step up with lateral DB raise
12 each leg
12lb DB, 10lb DB
Superset #2 x 2
Straight legged deadlift w dumbbells
25lb DB
Flat DB chest press on bench
25lb DB
DB single arm row
12 each arm
25lb DB
DB reverse fly
10lb DB
Superset #3 x 2
Lat Pulldown Machine
Tricep dips off bench
Double hammer curl
15lb DB, 10lb DB
Abs x2
Stability ball situps – hands behind head
Stability Ball Jackknife

You do each “superset” all the way through and then repeat.  If you have any questions about the exercises just comment and I can elaborate or you can catch me on Twitter.  The ab jackknife if a great move to work your lower abs.
Last night I decided against room service and went the takeout/delivery route.  Good call! It saved me money and I ended up with leftovers to eat today.  I ordered teriyaki chicken with brown rice and added steamed broccoli.
Today also happens to be Sunday so I have some meal planning to do.  Do you plan your meals ahead?  I’m mentally planning and I’ll do the real thing on the plane tonight.
AND….my first vlog debuts tomorrow!  🙂 Exciting!

Do you cut coupons or plan your meals on Sunday?

Love and big lifts,
Carissa & Kyle

Shipping up to Boston

Posted: January 13, 2012 in travel

I’m shipping up to Boston! <insert Dropkick Murphys> Hello New England!
Travel used to be a big part of my job, however I travel much less these days.  I like being home, I like my kitchen, my gym, my trainer.
Traveling on vacation is awesome.  Traveling for work is always slightly more cumbersome.  For me it’s all about preparation.  I try to pack as much food and healthy snacks as I can to save money and calories.  Being healthy is all about the preparation!
Yup – TSA agent took this pic for my blog!
Last night I put a whole chicken in the crockpot with some lemons and onions.  It took on a wonderful citrus flavor and literally “fell” off the bones when we ate it.  That gave us an easy dinner and a pile of leftovers for today.  People always give me weird looks when I start pulling roasted chicken, red potatoes, and bell peppers out of my bag! What… don’t travel like this?  Well I’m telling you that you should! Being healthy is the bees knees!
Random fact – I also always travel with a blanket. I am miserable if cold on a plane!
I have a whole post on travel fit tips so take a look if ya like!
Today was really a jam-packed day.  This morning I had a mid-term in my Lifecycle nutrition class and I am anxiously awaiting my grade.  Quick tell me the main treatment goal of someone with polycystic ovary syndrome?
After class I surprised Kyle with an impromptu Whole Foods picnic lunch! (check out our last Whole Foods date here) 
I was selfishly trying to cram in nutrients before my trip and sneak some kisses for the road.  I had a salad bar plate of Garlicky kale, New Orleans beans, oil free lentils and quinoa, and a side of curried chicken salad.  Kyle had 2 pieces of pizza!  Hey – the guys eats eggs non-stop when I’m gone so I figure I’d give him a treat!  Pizza = amazing! I need to get my ankle back to running full force so I can enjoy a post-run pizza party!
Off to the airport!

Love and jet lag,

Carissa & Kyle

My Mom is cute. Way cute.  She always does her best to make every event special.  Her efforts at a healthy tailgating are the topic of week’s What I Ate Wednesday…Tailgating style!
Last week my Mom was in town for a visit and some Monday Night Football! We made the drive to Jacksonville to watch the Chargers take on the Jaguars.

The city of Jacksonville
Talk about some muscular legs.

You may have heard me talk about the Cowboys….. a lot…Kyle loves the Cowboys and because I love him…I love the Cowboys.  However my Mom is a Chargers fan and I grew up a distanced east coast Chargers fan in Virginia.

In an effort to be healthy and eat a good, yet portable, meal before the game my Mom created an in-hotel tailgating buffet.

Our spread included:

  • whole wheat bread
  • deli chicken and roast beef
  • deli cheeses
  • fresh tomato and romaine lettuce
  • baked chips
  • kumquats
  • potato salad
  • veggies
  • Beck’s light
  • Chocolate chip macadamia nut high protein cookies from the cookie party
It was great to have a fun meal and something lighter then typical tailgating fare.  Sammy’s and chips are great to me!
The game was wonderful as Philip Rivers and the Chargers offense finally got a movement going! We also had amazing second row seats! Thanks MOM!
Kyle & I polished off the remainder of the cold cuts, cheese, and veggies on the late drive home.
Thanks Mom!
Check out our other post on more healthy tailgating tips.
On another note today is Kyle’s birthday! The BIG 3-0!  Happy birthday KYLE!!

Love and first downs, 

Carissa & Kyle

Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon

Posted: November 14, 2011 in races, travel

Ready, set, go!
That’s how most races start? Wrong!  The preferred method of race start is two commands: “Runners set” and “Go” or an air horn.  How do I know? Because I say it!

This weekend I said those magic words for 1500 half marathoners and 500 5k runners in the inaugural Norfolk Freedom Half marathon

Freedom Marathon, INC is a fantastic organization to work for with a focus on celebrating and supporting our nation’s military through endurance events.  I announced their Memorial Day 8k in Green Cove Springs, FL.

The weekend started off at the health and fitness expo.  Boy did we have some celebs in the house! Bart Yasso, chief running officer of Runner’s World Magazine, was there to speak along with and Annie Audain, 6-time Olympian and former world record holder in the 5000M. We also had some local Virginia pageant queens.
Miss United States
Miss Virginia’s Outstanding Teen
It was wonderful talking and interacting with Annie and Bart.  They are a wealth of running info and I picked their brains about how to conquer my first sub-2 half marathon. 

How to run faster? Bart recommends running slower as well as faster during the week to allow my legs to rest.  Annie is a fan of running 50m repeats on hills.  This she says helps you in races of all length.
My favorite booth of the weekend was the Cabot Creamery Cooperative booth.  Free cheese samples? Yes please! I limited myself to 2 a day, however they were thoroughly enjoyed.  They even gave me coupons to take home!!  Cabot has a tasty line of reduced fat cheeses, which I always go for.
The race was in a stunning location right on the water in downtown Norfolk. As the runners took off I enjoyed seeing the pride in the faces of many people who made this event possible.  As I said before, this race supports the military and as a Navy brat I am all for that.   This particular event raised money for the Wounded Warrior Project and the Norfolk Office to End Homelessness. 

The Freedom Marathon will be back in Norfolk next Veterans Day so please consider adding it to your race schedule.  It was a cool, flat course for a great cause.
I’ll be there!  Runners’ set…

Love and magic miles,

Carissa & Kyle

No NFL for you!

Posted: September 18, 2011 in date night, dining out, foodbuzz, travel

Another great weekend here at the Bealert home.  Minus that sad loss for a team wearing Garnet & Gold last night….wat wat wahhhhh.

This is our anniversary weekend, so we spent last night at our favorite place, Rosen Shingle Creek Resort.  It’s amazing.  We’re addicted.

View of Orlando from the room

We spent the afternoon at the pool.  I attempted to do a little blogging there and I enjoyed laying in the sun and doing nothing.  I’m reading “I Don’t Know How She Does It” and I’m really enjoying it. I’m sure there are many of you out there enjoying fall weather, but we did not get the memo yet in Florida.  It was over 90 yesterday!

Our anniversary dinner was at Cala Bella.  I’ve mentioned before that that’s where we got engaged on New Year’s Eve of 2009.  

Nerds. (note the anniversary bling – ceramic DKNY watch)

I enjoyed a meal eerily similar to what I ate during our stay-cation in May.  Delicious!  The service is always amazing and the food the best!  Italian and Mediterranean foods always are my favorites.

We even enjoyed a special anniversary cinnamon creme brulee.

After a leisurely buffet breakfast this morning – on sale thanks to a gift certificate it’s been a lazy football Sunday.

But why the title?  NO NFL for you!  Welll….if you live in Florida and your team isn’t from Florida…you better hope they’re playing a team from Florida….or….NO NFL for you!
I’m listening to the Charger game via NFL Mobile and Kyle is staring at his tiny IPhone screen watching colored lines move.  For my sanity I hope the colored lines start moving a little more in the Cowboys direction!

Tonight I’m going to bake some healthy egg muffins for the week.  Dinner is easy crock pot buffalo chicken.  It’s already in and it smells delish! 

I’m also roasting some veggies to use for my lunches this week.  I used Crisco’s Olive Oil that I got as part of the FoodBuzz Tastemaker program. I was inspired to mix them with quinoa by my friend Alexis’s blog.

Who is your favorite NFL team?  Do you have one?

Love and audio frequencies,
Carissa & Kyle

Love to share

Posted: September 17, 2011 in travel
Dear blog readers,
I love you. Really. Im so grateful people read my blog.
That’s why I know you’ll forgive todays less than visual post.

Here’s my day in a quick round up.
-Ran 5 miles in 49 min.
-Made coffee with pumpkin spice in the grounds. Saw this at Tina’s blog. A poor man’s pumpkin spice latte
-Ate deliciuous “monkey” oatmeal. Oats, soy milk, protein, cinnamon, banana, pb.
-Spent the afternoon giggling with my husband at the pool.
-Had canned tuna, hummus, and an apple for lunch.

Currently I’m salivating at the thought of the amazing dinner…excuse me…amazing anniversary dinner awaiting us!

I’m also laughing that 5% of me is sad i’ll miss the Florida State kickoff because of said dinner.
How’s that for a wrap up????

Look for full anniversary weekend details Monday and some new recipes.

Love and 2 years of wedded bliss,
Carissa & Kyle

Ps- can I get a GO Noles?

Another Full Body Hotel Workout

Posted: September 15, 2011 in travel, workouts

Working out when traveling is hard.  It’s hard to find motivation, it’s hard to work with different equipment….well… GET OVER IT!  Nobody said being fit and healthy was easy! 🙂

I’ve written several posts on eating and staying fit while traveling.  Check out this one on healthy travel food.

This week I traveled with instant oatmeal, Mila, Goji berries, apples, a Go Picnic Gluten Free snack box, tuna, Think Thin protein bars, and chocolate soy milk.  Thank goodness I packed so much.  My company is AMAZING and feeds us well and frequent, however gluten free and clean eating choices are slim.  I’m happier with the healthy foods I usually eat.

I did enjoy an ice cream sundae tonight.  Oh man it was good!  Vanilla with hot fudge, oreos, and sprinkles.  See ya cake, I want a sundae on my birthday!

Between training and our team dinner tonight I got in a full body workout and a 1 mile jog.  Here’s what it looked like:
SuperSet 1:

  • Leg extension 2×15
  • Heavy DB squat – 50lbs – 2×10
  • Stationary jump lunge 2×10 each leg
  • Straight arm pulldown on cable machine (for lats) – 2×18
SuperSet 2:
  • Standing heavy DB press 2×12
  • Split lunge with DB isometric hold overhead 2×12 each leg
  • Bicep cable straight bar curl 2×8
  • Burpees 2×8
SuperSet 3:
  • Plank hold with DB tricep extension 2×10 each arm
  • DB squat swing 2×10 each side
  • V-ups 2×15
1 mile run at 9min pace to burn a few extra calories.  It was hard on my tired legs!
A few other coworkers of mine hit the gym and one girl ran sprints up the parking garage which I thought was a good idea.  When traveling, you’ve got to be creative.

How do you stay fit when you travel?

Love and jet lag,
Carissa & Kyle

Bite some Bison!

Posted: August 29, 2011 in dining out, travel, workouts

Happy Monday readers!  How’s your first day back to the “real world”?  This is Kyle and I’s first day back after a long vacation.  It’s sad to not get to spend all day with Kyle, but it feels good to be back into our workout/healthy eating mode.  Although cleaning my house still isn’t growing on me….

Here’s what you might’ve missed over the weekend:
Georgia Aquarium
Salsa City
Coupons for Quick Meals
Refreshed and Relaxed

I hit the gym at 730am!  My mind wasn’t ready for what Kyle had in store for me.  Here’s a quick run down of our training.
– Pre-exhaust set on abductor machine – 12 
– Single leg leg press – 10 each leg
– Leg extension with 10 second negative – 6
– Smith machine squats with bands – To failure bottom half, full squat, top squat – each to failure
– Close grip pull down – to failure bottom half then full reps to failure then top half reps to failure
– Smith machine squats with bands – To failure bottom half, full squat, top squat
– Close grip pull down to failure
– Straight bar Chest press – to failure bottom half then full reps to failure then top half reps to failure
– Bicep DB curls keeping the alternating arm contracted
– Straight bar chest press
– Bicep DB curls
– 10 Forward/Backward squat jumps with sprints x 2
– Abs in Roman chair- knees up, straight legs up, obliques

Now back to the Bison and vacation recap.  After the beautiful Georgia Aquarium and our hotel workout we headed off to dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill.

You know how we all have quirks?  Here’s Kyle…if you tell him something, he gets it in his mind, and you have to follow through with it.  I mentioned Ted’s and that they served lean bison.  He’d never tried bison and he wanted to. Even when I tried to twist his arm to get Mexican..he stayed true to the Bison!

Ted’s Montana Grill was started by media Mogul Ted Turner.  They focus on American cuisine with an eco-friendly environment. The decor felt very western, in a modern way.  If you call a giant buffalo outside modern! 🙂 I do apparently!

I decided to go healthy and ordered the salmon with dry asparagus and squash casserole.  Kyle went big for the Bison burger which he got with bacon and blue cheese.  We both chose Blue Moon as our drink of choice.

Bison is a great choice of a protein source.  It is very lean, low in fat, low in cholesterol, and gives you a good amount of protein.  The bison (aka buffalo) at Ted’s is fed a semi-grass diet. Grass fed red meat is always best, so be sure to ask.


The burger didn’t stay together well (less fat) but it had a sweet, rich flavor.  I think I’ll make a trek to whole foods this week and see if they have any bison.  I don’t eat steak, but would consider eating bison that was grass fed sans hormones or antibiotics.  Bison chili anyone?

What’s one new thing you’ve eaten recently?

Love and home on the range,
Carissa & Kyle

Georgia Aquarium

Posted: August 28, 2011 in travel

Having a blog is fun.  It allows me to look back and reflect on an amazing vacation.  I feel so grateful that Kyle and I got an entire week to relax and enjoy just being together.

Hello friend.

Our first day of vacation we drove to the ATL, sweated it out at a Braves game, and then met with another “King of Fitness” and his family at Atlantic Station.

For the second day of vacation we had a few goals: sleep in, get Kyle a big breakfast, and workout.  All 3 were accomplished!

After sleeping in we drove to Another Broken Egg Cafe.  We’ve never been before, but I hear about my VA friends going and loving it.  There’s a lot to love!  Such cute decor and as we discovered…out of this world breakfast food!

Kyle had a meaty omelet and I had a veggie omelet with caramelized onions, red peppers, and feta.  Holy cow can we say good?  I also started the meal with an equally delicious bowl of blackberry grits.  Grits in the South?  Can’t pass that up!

We decided to spend the hot day (record breaking heat) inside at the much famed Georgia Aquarium.  After the parking machine stole $3 for me…we were ready to see the fishes!

One word: amazing!  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  It was amazing (I need a new word) to see the gigantic whale sharks (not actually “sharks” or “whales” apparently)!  Another highlight was the African penguins and the piranhas.

It was just amazing seeing so many different species of fish and reptiles.  This is a great place and a must-see for anyone visiting Atlanta!

A little story about the piranhas.  The screen said “Piranha feeding 3:15″…so at 3:10 we rushed over there to see this.  Piranhas can devour an entire tuna in 2-10 minutes…that must be a sight to see.  There was a crowd of about 50 people smashed in front of the window to see the feeding.  Everyone had cameras poised and Kyle and I even split up to see who could get a better video.

3:20- no feeding.  Cameras were turned off.
3:30- no feeding.  A few people left and we got a better spot.
4 – no feeding.  A kinda rude employee comes by and when we ask about the feeding she tells us that they’re not being fed today and we all read the sign wrong.  Seriously?  50+ people read the sign wrong and stood crammed together for no reason.  Apparently so. Fail. I guess the Disney guide to guest service didn’t make it to the ATL.

Sad that we missed the feeding we left and took a walk around Centennial Park. Hot, but pretty.


We headed back to the hotel for a high intensity full body workout before dinner.  Kyle got a little excited creating some challenging push-ups and chest moves..we were both sore for days.

Next up…dinner…

Love and fish faces,
Carissa & Kyle

Refreshed and relaxed

Posted: August 26, 2011 in travel
Well, the vacation party is over. Curtain closed. It was so much fun!  Perfect weather, delicious food, beautiful scenery, and handsome company!

I have lots of work to do with the vacation wrap up posts. I did one on our trip to the Braves game but there’s so much more. I’ll bring them to you with a mega dose of workout advice in the upcoming week. Thank you also to Lindsay and Charissa, my amazing guest bloggers!

We had a hard time deciding where to vacation this year.

The past 2 years we’ve gone to an amazing all-inclusive resort in Cancun.

We originally thought we were going to go to Las Vegas this year…but….that’s just not us. One, we don’t do clubs or gamble. Two, can you imagine how much it would cost us to feed Kyle for a week in Vegas? It just didn’t feel exciting…

We thought and thought and finally settled on Atlanta. We could drive, meaning we could search out healthier foods, and there is so much to do in Atlanta! I was also highly inspired by Julie’s trip to Woodfire Grill. Delish is all I’ll say!

Originally we planned to do 3 days in the ATL and 3 near the beach probably in Savannah…until one of Kyle’s clients offered us the use of their mountain home in North Carolina. Kyle had never been to the mountains so we jumped on the idea.

It was perfect. The mountain views are every bit as beautiful and relaxing as the beaches of Cancun.  Plus we had a fridge for “semi” healthy foods. It is vacation after all!

We also got 2 VERY intense workouts in and 2 less intense ones….I cannot wait to run on the surface of the sun with my Garmin tomorrow!

We can’t wait to share all of our travels with you!

What’s your favorite place to vacation?
Love and road trips,
Kyle & Carissa