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Remember how Fit2Flex made an appearance on GalTime TV?  Well the second segment of that episode recently aired.

We believe firmly in the power of strength training to transform your body.  Lean muscle burns more calories at rest than fat and contributes to an overall sleeker physique.  
When GalTime asked me to do a few segments for their show, I knew I wanted to share some strength training moves with their audience.

I chose to show 3 leg moves that could be done at home.  I also added an upper body exercise to each move in case you were really looking for a challenge.

  • Squat. Squat with DB or band shoulder press.
  • Split squat. Split squat with overhead DB tricep extension.
  • Lateral walking lunge. Lateral walking lunge with bicep curl.

Fitness and health is a life-long quest.  Finding ways to easily incorporate fitness into your daily life is key.  These exercises can be done at home whenever you have 10 free minutes.  Fast and fit.

Enjoy! Please don’t laugh on me!  We did this in one take!

Check out our first appearance on GalTime with tips to choosing healthier cocktails here.

Love and 15 minutes of fame,
Carissa & Kyle


Choosing Healthier Cocktails

Posted: August 20, 2011 in diet tips, PR, video

Remember a week ago when I mentioned I did a taping for GalTimeTV?

Well the first segment aired this morning and I’m happy to share it with you all!  Thanks to those of you who have already watched it!

This was the first of 2 segments I did and it was about choosing healthier cocktails.  Take a look and tell me if you would’ve made the right cocktail choices.

You can find a link to the entire show and GalTime TV here.

Kyle and I preach a heathy lifestyle BUT we also stress that everything life has to offer can be enjoyed in moderation…even alcohol.  Although alcohol does turn to a toxic substance, acetaldehyde, in the body.  It damages the cells of your small intestine and liver.  Lucky for your small intestine those cells renew every 3-5 days.  You liver…poor liver…those cells take 380+ days to renew.

On the show I chose 3 sets of 2 alcoholic drink and we had to “make the healthier choice”.  That’s a great idea for a game show right?  I just thought of that! 🙂

Choice 1:
8 oz Margarita vs. Bloody Mary
       – Easy peezy! The Margarita is a sugar and calorie killer with 500 calories in 8 oz.  The Bloody Mary has less calories at 140 and some vitamins from the tomato juice.  Hello brunch!

Make an exception for the frozen drink on your honeymoon!

Choice 2:
Screwdriver vs. Rum & Diet
       – The plot thickens.  Calories to calories the rum & diet wins.  But healthy choices go beyond a simple calorie equation.  The diet soda mixed with alcohol increases the effect of the alcohol on your body, thus making you feel drunker.  That can lead to a plethora of negative consequences. Stick with the OJ kiddos!

Choice 3:
Gin & Tonic vs. Red Wine
     – Red Wine has become the leader in the “healthy alcohol in moderation” movement.  I hate to break it to ya but many of the health benefits of moderate drinking have only been proven for older adults.  There ya go Mom!  Red wine still knocks out gin & tonic.  It has 125 calories compared the 140 calories and 22g of sugar with the gin & tonic.

Thanks for watching and reading.  Our readers are the best!

Love and bubbly,
Carissa & Kyle

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GalTime TV

Posted: August 12, 2011 in milestones, PR, video

About a month ago I attended the very first Central Florida Blogger Conference.  Remember?

Not only did I learn a lot there, but it was a great networking event.  One of the women I met, Kyann, works with a TV program called GalTime.  GalTime is a web mecca of info related to women. 

In Orlando they air a show on Channel 27 at 10am on Saturdays.  They are also affiliated with the Nationally syndicated Morning Show, The Daily Buzz, which shoots here in Orlando. How do I get a spot on THAT show?  Hmmm…..

This week I got to travel to GalTime to shoot not 1 but TWO segments for the show!  Woot wooo!  Anytime we have a chance to spread our message of healthy living through working out and clean eating it is a great opportunity.

TV Trick- I only changed my shirt for the 2nd segment because I was behind a table.  Hence why I’m wearing a nice shirt with workout pants. 🙂

The morning of my segment was a monsoon.  Doesn’t Mother Nature know I just did my hair?

My first segment was with Michelle and showed 3 strength training moves you can do at home.  We only had 2:30 for the entire segment!  Eek!  I’m a talker so it was hard to fit all the info in…but….I think hope know I rocked it! Except the one part where I tried to say “heart rate” and “calorie burn” and I totally said “increase your heart burn”.  Whoops.  

For each exercise I showed a beginning version and an advanced version that incorporated the arms.  Using more muscles = a bigger calorie burn.  The 3 exercises were:

  • Squat.  Squat with overhead dumbbell press.
  • Split squat.  Split squat with triceps extension.
  • Lateral lunge.  Lateral lunge with bicep curl.
The second segment was the Andrea and talked about making better alcohol choices.  Yes, after all the wine I had at our dinner party, I must have had booze on the brain.
We showed 3 groups of 2 drinks and picked the “best” drink from each group.
  • Margarita vs Bloody Mary
  • Screwdriver vs Run & Diet
  • Red wine vs. Gin & Tonic
Want the answers?  I guess you’ll have to watch the show! 🙂

The segments will air on two different shows.  I’ll let you know when.  The first segment will most likely be in 2 weeks – August 20. Overall I was happy to be in front of the camera again and share our fitness message. 

Thank you to Kyann and GalTime for this great opportunity. 
Andrea, me, Michelle
Love and B-roll,

Carissa & Kyle