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The definition of success

Posted: January 21, 2012 in football, motivation

This post is brought to you by Kyle! Yeah!
Kyle loves working out, football, and motivational videos on YouTube. True story.
This particular video comes from LSU. Yes, the same team that had a perfect regular NCAA football season only to lose an offensively embarrassing National Championship game to Alabama.
This video is for 2012.  They’re already moving forward and focused on success.

Don’t let failure, setbacks, or anything hold you down.

What is success to you? What does it take to succeed?

Remember – if you don’t believe in yourself how can you expect anyone else to?

Here’s to getting back up.
Love and the will to succeed,
Carissa & Kyle


Room Service

Posted: January 13, 2012 in motivation

When I travel for work I do something must coupon clippers don’t…I order room service.  Almost every trip.  It’s my guilty/healthy pleasure.  I order it and I messily eat on the bed usually watching reality TV. 
Miss America is on tomorrow night and I can’t wait to order!
I have oatmeal made in my coffee pot for breakfast and tuna and crackers for lunch.  My dinner may be subject to an 18% service charge but it is always packed with nutrients.
Tonight I ordered salmon with asparagus and broccoli rabe.

She offered me mushroom risotto and I was this close to taking that creamy goodness…but…in reality I love both of those green veggies too much to ever pick just one so I picked two and sent the carbs to the curb.
Do you ever eat room service?

The rest of my night was spent wasting time online in Pinterest (thanks Megano!).  
Here are some some motivational gems I found.

I hope those words help inspire you to do something fit tomorrow!
And try not to be jealous of my rock star Friday night!

Love and totally driven,
Carissa & Kyle

My Mom is faster than your Mom.  No really.  I’m not trying to start a rumble.  She is.  And she has 5 National Masters Track Titles to prove it!

Go Mom!  We love to shout out our favorite clients on the blog (Pati,Craig, Adam) and my Mom deserves some love too. 

Since turing the ripe old age of 50 my Mom has been very active in masters track & field.  I think it’s fantastic!  It keeps her focused, in great shape, and out of trouble!

Mom recently competed in the 2011 USA Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Ohio.  As I said before she took home 5 National Titles!  Mom’s a beast.

Here’s a little run down of her accolades:

Women’s 50 Pentathlon :  National Champion : events are 80m hurdles, high jump, shot put, long jump, 800m
Women’s 50 American record setting 80m  Shuttle Hurdle Relay, National Champion, third leg, 108.75
Women’s 50 long jump National Champion
Women’s 50 high jump National Champion
Women’s 50 4 x 400 relay, National Champion, third leg 

Her team, TNT International, also took home the Team Championship!

Mom is on the far right.

Mom may be fast and apparently agile, but she puts in lots of training time too.  Here’s a look at her weekly training schedule: (sorry- my formatting here is kinda messy. I tried..and failed…to clean it up)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Track Practice
3 hours
Warm up, Ply metrics, Speed drills sets of 3 x 3, 3 x 200 or 300m, Javelin practice, Shot put Practice, Long Jump, High jump, hurdles stretching
Morning:  Resistance bands 5 positions, 15 min walk, YMCA at lunch, triceps and Back 2 arms on cable, 15 minute walk on break, Evening: 50 Marine style sit ups while PC boots Morning: weighted leg work out 8 pounds, 15 minute walk, Lunch YMCA Legs on Cybex 250 pound leg and calf ( 3 directions), Ab-Aduction, leg press, leg extension, resistance ab work, stretching,  15 minute walk, Evening: 50 Marine style sit ups while PC boots Track: warm up, speed drills and endurance laps, hurdles Morning:  Resistance bands 5 positions, 15 min walk, YMCA at lunch, Single arm work and abs, 15 minute walk on break, Evening: 50 Marine style sit ups while PC boots
Morning:  Abs with medicine ball, planks and push ups; 15 minute walk at pace; YMCA at lunch, challenge muscles with new sets, 15minute walk at pace.  Evening: 50 Marine style sit ups while PC boots Morning:  Resistance bands 5 positions, 15 min walk, YMCA at lunch, errands YMCA make up day, 15 minute walk on break, Evening: 50 Marine style sit ups while PC boots.  Track: warm up, speed drills and endurance laps; hurdles Day off plus track if chore list allows

She also keeps a keen eye on her diet making sure to take in enough clean foods to offset her caloric deficit created by training.

Mom is one tough cookie, but it just goes to show that no matter what age you are, you can find some form of fitness and fall in love with it.  

Some older adults run, my mom sprints, others do Zumba, water aerobics, run marathons, or bike.  The important thing is that they do something!  There are so many studies linking the positive effects of exercise on aging, dementia, and overall health.

So how about a big hand clap to Mom and let’s all try to squeeze a little extra sweat into our weeks.  Cause why?  Cause Momma says so! 🙂

Mom also eats cookies while at Disney.

Love and good genes,
Carissa & Kyle

Feeling Pride through Fitness

Posted: July 22, 2011 in motivation, races

There are few feelings in life that can rival true pride.  Not boastful pride, but the pride you feel when you work hard for something and achieve it.

The kind of pride that makes you hold your shoulders and head a little higher.  The kind that wipes away your insecurities and makes you feel limitless.  The kind that just feels good on the inside. If you’ve felt it…then you know what I’m talking about.

For me, fitness brings about magical moments where I feel that pride.

It can be something monumental like finishing a marathon OR something simple like pushing through the last set of a grueling exercise OR even showing up to the gym on a day you’re tired.  It can be as simple as avoiding cake at an office work party or taking the stairs.

Every little fitness victory gives you pride. Think of these little victories as coins. Each little victory goes in a bank and day by day it grows.

One day you realize that you’re so much stronger/thinner/confident then when you started out.  How’d you get there?  Fitness.  For me, fitness goes way beyond a physical appearance.  It gives me focus, it gives me energy, and it gives me pride.

Here are some of our proudest fitness moments:

  • Hitting a PR in the Holiday Half Marathon (2:06)
  • Competing and placing in natural body building show
  • Having Kyle push me to a 5k PR (26:30) in his first 5k
  • Throwing away my “fat day” jeans from college
  • Enjoying and looking forward to clean eating
  • Appearing on Home Shopping Network as a Fitness Expert 
  • Being able to share our knowledge and know that it impacts people
I like pride….when you earn it.  It feels good on. 
What have you done that makes you proud?  
Love and brags,

Carissa & Kyle


I love Journey. I walked down the aisle to a strings version of “Don’t Stop Believing”. True story. Today could be described by “Open Arms“. 

What I mean is this….I am a newbie blogger. I am just learning how to share our passion for healthy living with the online world. 

Today I attended the Central Florida Bloggers Conference. I was nervous at first, but blown away by how warm and welcoming all our O-town bloggers were. You could say that they welcomed me with…you guessed it…open arms!

Awesome bloggers, awesome women!

I’m happy to say that today was a success! (once I got there- my Navigation was not so hot today!)
I learned a lot about growing our blog (and I hope I can implement all I learned).  My twitter followers grew…yeah! (@CarissaAnneB @Fit2Flex do it).  And I became part of the Orlando FitBlogger community!
GPS I can’t turn into a brick wall!

I was especially excited to meet and connect with other bloggers I admire.  By this I mean- Julie, Meghann, Christie, Mora, Michelle, Carolina and Victoria. Please check out their blogs, you will LOVE them!

Wanna be blogger?  Lizard in the bathroom!

The day started with a fantastic and motivating speaker Marc Middleton of Growing Bolder.  Those of you from Orlando may recognize him as a former sports anchor for WESH 2. He was my favorite speaker. Here are some of the “gems” I took away from his presentation:

  • Life is a series of leaps or should be.
  • How to attract creativity? Fearlessness, hard work, persistence
  • How to succeed?  Eliminate the option not to.  (my fave)

I wanted to share Marc’s wisdom with you because I think its very relatable. 

If you want to run a marathon, if you want to lose 30 pounds, if you want to write a successful blog, if you want to achieve anything…the only way to get there is to TRY!  Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t let that fear hold you back. The only way you will certainly fail is…if you don’t try. Commit to a goal and grow in that journey. If the roads gets bumpy, you know what to do…“Don’t Stop Believing”!

Today was a great day and it only fired me up more to grow my blog and share my passion.  Bloggers are really wonderful people who genuinely want other bloggers to succeed to. 

I also had my first food truck experience too.   Can you believe it?  Big Wheel Truck fed all the bloggers.  They are well-trained chefs who use fresh, local ingredients. I tried to make healthy choices and opted for the curried chicken thigh and local green salad.  The salad was so good!  They had tamarind scallions which tasted like I was eating at Kobe! 🙂

Great food, great people, great event!  Thanks to Bess for putting it all on.

I have a nametag.

For the bloggers out there- what’s the best “blogging” advice you have?

Love and taking risks, 
Carissa & Kyle