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I’m kinda mad at you Paula Deen. And whether it brings controversy I need to talk about it.
If you’re out of the loop ya’ll here’s a look at Paula’s latest dish:
Paula Deen revealed today that she has Type 2 Diabetes and that she has had that diagnosis for 3 years.  She recently came out with this revelation at the same time she announced her endorsement with a Danish company that makes a diabetes medication.


Here’s where I stand:  
Paula, I am sorry that you have type 2 diabetes.  I know that must be a strain and a concern to you and your family. 
I don’t want to point fingers at your butter-laden food (it’s clearly a big contributor) or to your status as an overweight woman over 45.  There are 23 million Americans with Type 2 Diabetes, so clearly prevention isn’t easy.


Here’s why I’m mad:
You’ve known about this for three years and in that time you hid the diagnosis and kept plugging away at your Southern Charm and devilishly decadent foods.  Only NOW that there’s an endorsement on the table do you finally pipe up about your disease. An endorsement for medication…medication for a disease that is largely manageable and even reversible with DIET AND EXERCISE!

Paula you are a celebrity, food icon, and mentor to many.  Do you realize what an impact you could have made if you would’ve stood up three years ago and said, “I made poor dietary choices and I have type 2 diabetes. I’m going to face it with diet and exercise.  I’m going to change my diet, my eating habits, and my health.  Who wants to join me America?
Can you imagine the fire you would’ve lit under an overweight society’s butt?  
It could’ve been magical.
Picture women in the grocery store saying, “I never thought I could cut out Mac ‘n cheese and buttered rolls, but if Paula can then I can.  She was the queen of fattening food!”
See Paula…you could’ve made a difference. A huge, gigantic difference.
But you hid. You continued to push the same foods that gave you this disease and now you’re promoting the easy way out.  And…I’m mad.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes please put them in contact with a certified diabetes educator.  

Help show them that a healthy diet with loads of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fiber can CHANGE THEIR LIFE! Educate them that exercise can increase the insulin sensitivity of their cells making medication less needed.  Be a positive influence.  Be a catalyst. Because somebody has to.

Did you know that yearly type 2 diabetes causes more deaths then breast cancer and AIDS combined? 

Love and a little fire, 
Carissa & Kyle