The Filthy Fifty Workout

Posted: January 17, 2012 in salads, workouts

Kyle created a killer workout today! I encourage you to give this one a try when you need a fitness kick in the bottom! It is physically and mentally tough.

Before we get to the sweat, here’s a look at the weekly Monday salad. This month’s issue of Cooking Light magazine has “25 healthy chicken recipes“. Since I am frequently guilty of tearing out recipes and never, ever making them I decided to take a different approach.  I’m going to work through all the Cooking Light chicken recipes in order. What do you think?
That way I’ll have to make them all even if they’re out of my comfort zone.
I only have one on deck this week since I was on the plane last night when I did my menu planning. And I’ve already changed this one up a bit….is that allowed?  Well it’s my challenge so I guess so.

Tonight’s recipe is a Chicken Club Sandwich turned into a chicken club salad.
Chicken chunks, avocado, tomato, turkey bacon, cucumber, spinach, and a homemade dijon mustard viniagrette.  I was really sad Target didn’t have arugula today, because I was craving a peppery salad. However this one turned out great and the mustardy dressing really gave it a sandwich feel.  Scouts honor!

Why are salads with avocado awesome????
I also got to practice one of my personal resolutions – to make more dresssings from scratch.  It’s not hard and I know I save so much sugar and money by doing so. I used a recipe I found online at whole foods and mixed:
– 2T Dijon Mustard
– 1/4 c apple cider vinegar
– 2/3 c EVOO
– Salt and pepper and a pinch of Splenda

Delish and preservative free!

And now onto to the ugly, dirty, downright, filthy 50 workout~ here’s how to tackle it:
-You have 50 of each exercise.
– You have 4 tries to get to 50.
– Pick a weight that is heavy after 10-20 reps.  (If you can get through 50 on the first try it WASN’T heavy enough!)
– Get as many as you can on the first round and rest for 30 seconds.
– Get as many as you can on the second round and rest for 20 seconds.
– Get as many as you can on the third round and rest for 10 seconds.
– When you get to 50 you can stop.
– If it takes you 4 tries then move on to the next exercise.

For example~ on my squats….I did 25.  Rest 30 seconds.  Did 14 (numbers 25 – 39). Rest 20 seconds. Did 11 (numbers 39-50). Does that make sense?

Now you’re ready to tackle the filthy 50!

The Filthy 50 How To
Filthy 50 Exercises
You have 50 of each exercise.
Barbell Squat
You have 4 tries to get 50.
Lat Pulldown Machine
Pick a weight that feels heavy after 10-20 reps.
Leg Press Machine
Your rest progressively decreases – 30 seconds after the 1st attempt, 20 seconds after the 2nd, 10 seconds after the 3rd
Cable Row
When you reach 50 reps you stop.
Tricep Dips
Cable Bicep Curls
Roman Chair Leg Raises

Good luck! It can be a killer so if you have any questions let me know! It’s a very mental workout so try to tackle as much as you can in the first set.
Leg press- go heavy! You can always drop the weight in your second set.
I had wobbly legs in Target today!
Love and great glutes,

Carissa & Kyle

  1. The most effective way to weight is by consuming it slowly but surely and following some basic suggestions which can allow you to make the most out of your attempt to pounds..

  2. BamaBelle says:

    Awesome workout idea! Wow, it sounds intense!!Thanks for the salad recipe idea, and the dressing recipe…yummm!

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