WIAW – Disney Marathon

Posted: January 11, 2012 in races, wiaw

Thanks for all the great feedback on my Disney Marathon announcer post! It is a long day, but all the runners make it fun! Isn’t fitness awesome? 🙂

I decided to use the marathon to put a fun spin on this week’s What I Ate Wednesday post.

It’s hard enough to plan and eat healthy on a regular day…but how about when you’re up at 1am and working through 2pm?
The folks at Disney are great and provide us food, however it’s a lot of carb-heavy snacks.  Through my years at the marathon, I’ve found that if I munch too much on processed snacks then I feel even more tired.  Insulin spike anyone?
This year I tried to pack healthy, nutritious snacks, stay hydrated, and eat at regular intervals.

Here’s a look at a Disney dining day:
Breakfast – 3am – Whole wheat bagel + PB + blueberries + coffee. Wouldn’t you know that I forgot to take a picture?  It’s 3am…forgive me.
Snack 1 – 6am – Muscle Milk 100 calorie shake (I took this pic late after the drink was long gone…hence why it’s so sunny)

Snack 2 – 730am – Honey Nut Chex + apricots

Lunch – 10am – Veggie omelet + potatoes + fruit from the VIP tent. That was a seriously good omelet.

Snack 3 – 1230pm – Low sodium V8 + yellow bell pepper + H20

Lunch #2 – Lasagna + roasted broccoli.
Whenever I have a really busy time coming up I try to make a meal that will have lots of leftovers that I won’t mind eating. My skinny turkey lasagna fits that bill perfectly.

3pm-6pm – Coma like sleep
Dinner -730pm – Carnitas de pollo + ranchero beans + chips

I tried to be healthy all day, however I wanted to get out of the house and enjoy a meal with my husband.  I was in no condition to head to any place nice and we have a pretty good Mexican restaurant by us.  Ole! Ironically one of our other announcers was there too!
We also got to watch Tebow’s amazing OT touchdown against the Steelers.  Wow!
I came home with a full belly and was in bed my 930pm.  What a weekend!

I have one more Disney Marathon post to do…a video blog! Check back Friday!

Do you keep up your healthy habits when you’re busy?

Love and early birds,
Carissa & Kyle

  1. Victoria says:

    See, now THIS is eating I can aspire to – healthy and balanced. That Mexican looks good, too!

  2. Laura says:

    Good for you for eating so well out of the house… that's not easy! The lasagna is making me hungry. 🙂 Stopping by from wiaw!

  3. Jessica says:

    The lasagna sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing the link, I can't wait to try it at home!

  4. @jessica – the lasagna was great! I ate it for days and it was always tasty! Thanks for reading!!!

  5. I'll have to try the lasagna for sure. Been looking for another recipe. That's cool you are an announcer for the DWM! New visitor here from WIAW!

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