Baby steps towards big change

Posted: January 5, 2012 in fit tips, monthly goals

Fitness, health, the quest to feeling all over awesome is a daily journey.
It’s hard to wake up one day on Janurary 1 and be totally transformed.
It takes hard work, focus, resiliency during set backs, and baby steps!

This week I decided to throw out 5 baby steps towards a healthier you.  Try one out, try all five…give me some feedback and let’s see how you feel! Hopefully it’s all over awesome!

5 steps towards a better you:
1. Eat 3 servings of fruits and vegetables 5 days for a week.
2. Workout for 30 minutes, 3 times a week.
3. Focus on eating 20g of fiber a day. (think beans, Kashi cereal, apples, pears, raspberries)
4. Spend 10 minutes a day doing something relaxing you enjoy.
5. Do 1 chore you have been “putting off”.

Good luck and here’s to a great 2012!
Also take a look at some of my past monthly goal posts for some extra mo-jo.
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Today was my last day off in what will be a very busy spell.  I slept in until 9am and hit the gym for another “easy on the ankle” workout.
Once home I’ve been cleaning, cooking up 2 batches of spaghetti sauce for dinner, and getting back into study mode.
I also took my new bike for a 2.5 mile spin. According to I burned about 119 calories on the bike. My ankle felt okay and I’m thinking of trying a run on Monday.

Let me know how you do on those 5 goals above!  Any day is a great day to be…what???? AWESOME! Oh yeah!

Love and looking forward,
Carissa & Kyle


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