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A Very Bealert Christmas

Posted: December 26, 2011 in family, holidays, workouts

Christmas is the most wonderful day of the year! 
I was so sad this morning when I woke up and the radio was playing “normal” music.  As a kid, Christmas was the greatest day, however as an adult it’s the entire Christmas season that I enjoy.  The lights, the music, all the special events…it will be missed.
Here’s a recap of a very warm and sunny Orlando Christmas.
My first site in the morning was a thrilling one…A NEW BICYCLE! I have wanted a bicycle for years, but I always resisted the expense.  Kyle is wonderful and he came through in a big way. Triathlon time?

Our breakfast at Kyle’s parents house included egg casserole and monkey bread.

After the gifts were exchanged, Kyle’s sister Kelsey and I decided to go run.  
Kelsey = fast runner.  Me = not as fast. Also don’t forget that it’s 11am at this point, 85 degrees, and perfectly sunny.
Did I have to call Kyle to pick me up 3 miles into the run….maybe???? Did I almost suffer heat stroke on Christmas Day….maybe???? 🙂
Our first two miles were at an 8:26 pace which is fast for me in the heat.  I pushed through to mile 3 and then decided that it was Christmas and I was done.  🙂
Kelsey went on to finish 8 blistering miles and then we put together a plyometric workout.
Christmas Body Weight Workout:
– 10 squats
– 10 push-ups
– 10 sit-ups
– 100m sprint
Repeat 10 times.
Kyle joined in the fun.  I liked this workout much better.
Sweaty and full of holiday joy Kyle and I headed back home to open our gifts.

Santa was goooooddddddd to me! 2 new Coach purses, a Coach wallet, 4 Under Armour tanks, coach perfume, and more!  I can’t believe it!

Kyle and I took naps, watched A Christmas Story, and then it was time to do a little cooking. 
I pondered and pondered over what to make for our Christmas dinner.  It was the first time I would ever be cooking on Christmas in my own home.  
We wanted to do something special, semi-easy, and semi-healthy.  We took a Whole Foods trip on Friday and we each picked out our proteins.  Salmon for me and a grass-fed Ribeye for Kyle.
For the sides I made twice baked potatoes the day before and pre-roasted brussel sprouts and asparagus.
We started our meal with some sparking wine and cheese appetizers.

The meal was delicious and I left plenty of room for more holiday treats to come!

Christmas Day is always wonderful and I enjoyed every moment.

How was your Christmas? Did you workout on Christmas?

Love and holly, 
Carissa & Kyle


Merry Christmas 2011

Posted: December 25, 2011 in holidays

Merry Christmas readers and friends!

Thank you for being a special part of our lives at Christmas and always!

Enjoy this beautiful day with family and friends!

Love and the reason for the season,
Carissa & Kyle

Christmas Eve Workout

Posted: December 24, 2011 in workouts

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the gym
All the Bealerts were lifting, trying to stay slim.
All the dumbbells were lined on the racks with care,
In hopes that the Punisher soon would be there.

Ah- Christmas Eve for the fitness dedicated! To me it always feels so good to get in a workout before a holiday and a holiday meal. 

We lifted on the 23rd and have some high-intensity interval sprints set up for the 24th.

Here’s a look at our last lift before Christmas:
– 1 mile warm-up jog
– 15 warm up lying leg curls
– 8 heavy leg curls
– 8 heavy single leg, leg press – each leg

– 8 heavy leg curls
– 8 heavy single leg, leg press – each leg
– 8 heavy regular leg press
– 8 split leg squats with overhead shoulder press (do 1 leg the first rotation and the other the second)
– 8 overhead shoulder presses with holding the split squat
– 8 pull-ups
– 8 split leg squats with overhead shoulder press
– 8 overhead shoulder presses with holding the split squat
– 8 pull-ups
– 8 split leg squats with bicep curls (do 1 leg the first rotation and the other the second)
8 bicep curls holding the split squat
– 8 turn the clock pushups on top of the step.  Start with 1 hand on the step and the other on the floor.  Push-up and walk your hands over to the other side.  Push-up again. And again. And again. 🙂
– 8 split leg squats with bicep curls (do 1 leg the first rotation and the other the second)
– 8 bicep curls holding the split squat
– 8 turn the clock pushups on top of the step. 
– Burn-out tricep set.  Do as many cable tricep pushdowns as you can.  Hold at the bottom for 10 seconds.  Do as many pushdowns as you can.
– Ab work.

Give this workout a try for a mega holiday burn!
Give the gift of fitness.
I hope you all have the best Christmas Eve!  It’s my favorite day of the year…so full of magic and love!

Love and Kris Kringle, 
Carissa & Kyle

Affordable Christmas Crafts

Posted: December 23, 2011 in family, holidays

Christmas is a great time to get together with family.  Baking, watching movies, making crafts.  Note- if you are coming to our house our new LCD TV broke so you can have sound then no picture.

This week Kyle and I went over to his sweet Grandmother’s house to enjoy some holiday cheer and Christmas crafts.  Kyle used to do crafts with Grandma when he was younger and it’s something he looks forward to.

Grandma fixed us a huge lunch spread of cocktail shrimp, ribs, cheese balls, salad, okra, and a beautiful fruit bowl.

After lunch it was time to get a crafting.  Our first craft is a secret….shhhhhh……

The big craft of the day was our Christmas birdhouses!  What an affordable, fun craft!
We bought tiny, wooden birdhouses ($1), spray paint ($4), and stickers ($1).  Since Grandmother and I are both coupon fans we had some 40% off coupons making our stickers and birdhouses just 60 cents.  What a savings!
Kyle spray painted the birdhouses and then with a glue gun and some holiday spirit we got to work.

How cute!

I am not a great crafter, however I was so happy with the way my birdhouse turned out.

This is a wonderful, affordable craft for kids of any age.

We finished our afternoon with some brownies….chocolate is a must at Grandma’s!

Do you do any crafts with your family?

Love and glue fingers,
Carissa & Kyle

Today I have a challenge for all of you.  A physical challenge (a la Double Dare!) And there may even be a great prize for one lucky reader who completes it.  It’s not hard. And I know you can do it!
Are you ready?
I want you to get up and get moving for 30 minutes of physical activity before Christmas!
Can you do it?
You can walk, jog, run, bike, rollerblade, lift weights, take a group exercise class, throw the football…just get MOVING!
So many of us wait until January 1st to attack our New Year’s Resolutions, many of which include weight loss and working out.  
Why wait?  START TODAY!

Sign up for a 2012 race to get motivated.

You will feel so much better and better about yourself if you do.
That’s my challenge: 
         30 minutes of physical activity before Christmas.  Comment here on the blog or on my Twitter @CarissaAnneB and tell me what you did.  If I can get 25 people moving then I will give away a Target giftcard to one lucky reader.
I also want to encourage you to get your family moving.  Most of us are together with relatives right now.  Maybe you are someone who commits to fitness, but your family doesn’t.  Take Mom or Dad on a walk to look at Christmas lights.  Sit down with your cousins and plan out a fun 5k you can walk together in the coming year, then go for a jog.

Fitness is more fun in a group!

Wouldn’t that be fun? Sharing your love of fitness with your family and making them healthier in the process?
Get MOVING! Get them moving! And you could win big!

Can you tell I’m motivated today?  Could be my endorphins.  I just finished a 10 mile run as part of my half marathon training.  Long runs come much easier when you’re training for a race.  You simply know that you HAVE to get those miles in.

While I ran Kyle lifted high-intensity style in the garage.  Check us off for our 30 minutes of activity!
I have a heavy-duty full body workout scheduled tomorrow and 20 minutes of high intensity sprints for Christmas Eve.

I encourage you to take on our challenge and share with us how you got active.  Don’t wait until 2012 to get moving…do it today!

Would we call that good form?

To enter my Get Moving Giveaway just do physical activity for 30 minutes any day before Christmas.  Then:
– Comment here on what you did
– Tweet ” @CarissaAnneB got me moving before Christmas and I could win a giftcard! Can you get moving before xmas?”
– Comment on our facebook what exercise you did.
– Email me what exercise you did.

Let’s celebrate Christmas by burning calories!
Love and seasonal sweat, 
Carissa & Kyle

Yogurt with a side of sugar

Posted: December 20, 2011 in thinking tuesday

I was reading a great article from MSN that i saw Meghann post on Facebook.  The whole thing is a great healthy read list the biggest health food “scams” of the year, however what I read and had to share were the Greek yogurt facts.


As trainers, Kyle and I are constantly telling our clients to include Greek yogurt into their diet plans as a source of protein and as a filling snack to keep your metabolism rolling.
But do you know what else might be rolling in the deep in these yogurts? Sugar! As much as 20g! Which is…. of sugar!
20g of sugar = about 5 teaspoons of sugar!

Here’s a blurb from the article:
Yoplait joined the party, too, but its version is dubious at best—made with “milk protein concentrate” and additives like gelatin instead of 100% strained yogurt like those made by Chobani, Fage, and Oikos. While plain, low-fat Greek yogurt is a nutritional powerhouse, some of the flavored options pack more sugar per ounce than soda (about 39 g per 12-ounce can) and ice cream (about 24 g for 4 ounces). Ouch. The worst offenders (for a 5.3 ounce portion): Fage Total 2% With Honey at 29 g, Cabot 2% Strawberry at 24 g, Dannon 0% Honey and Chobani Blueberry Nonfat, each with 20 g.

Milk would have about 12g of sugar for the same size portion, so look for that.  I was shocked to see the Chobani blueberry was a top offender!

Should you cut Greek yogurt out of your diet? NO!

Should you check the labels and avoid high sugar varieties? YES!

And since it’s Thinking Tuesday pass the word along…you may save someone useless calories!

Love and strained dairy,
Carissa & Kyle

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Healthy Homemade Pizza

Posted: December 19, 2011 in recipes

Welcome back! Here’s what you might have missed over the weekend:

If you’ve read the blog before you’ve seen that Mr. Rosen makes a “perfect pizza“.
Teresa Guidice a la Real Housewives makes a very Italian “skinny pizza”.
Last night I had my first ever attempt at making homemade pizza that wasn’t Chef Boyardee…but man I do dig those chef B creations.  Always have.

The pizza was delicious.  My crust making skills…They are in need of improvement.
The original idea was for Kyle & I to make the pizza together.  I have no doubt that his crust stretching skills are superb.  However he got caught up Christmas shopping for a special someone *ahem* And who am I to rush holiday spirit? 😉
I started my pizza by making homemade spicy marinara sauce.  I used a can of Muir Glen organic tomato sauce and jazzed it up with crushed red pepper, garlic, and Italian seasonings.

After reading Skinny Italian, I knew it was best to pre-sauté my pizza veggies. I cooked up some onion with red and green bell pepper.  Call me Mrs. Claus! (cuz they were Christmas colors)

Then I browned 3 links of Jenny-O Italian turkey sausage.  I took them out of the casings (gross process), cooked them, and drained the fat.
Now ladies and gents, it’s time for the crust. Oh the crust.  I bought a ball of pizza dough from the Publix bakery. I put it down on my well greased cookie dough sheet and stretched it out.  And it pulled right back into a ball.  Stretch.  And recoil.  This wasn’t going well.

I also don’t have a rolling pin.  Epic wanna-be foodie blogger fail.  So I tried rolling it out with my can of Pam and then a glass.  The glass worked best and after about 10 minutes I had stretched the dough out to a beautifully uneven consistency.  I even succeeded to make two holes in the middle of my crust! 🙂

It’s ok.  You can laugh.

I figured that was as good as it was going to get and topped my pizza. I baked it at 400 for about 23 minutes.

The one thing I would change (besides my sloppy crust rolling) is that I used 2% mozzarella cheese. I’m always looking for healthier options, however in this case the mozzarella didn’t melt well.  Live and learn.

The pizza, however was fabulous.  The perfect mix of sweet crust and spicy toppings.  Mwah*

What is your favorite kind of homemade pizza?

Love and Domino’s,

Carissa & Kyle

Haha! When I first typed that title it said, “9 miles or busty”! Well – that’s not true!  
Today I had a nine mile long run on my half marathon training agenda.  I have missed a few key runs due to a busy schedule so I was a little nervous about this one…
If you were wondering I made my 9 miles and I didn’t bust…nor was it busty, blustery, busy, or any other typo I could come up with!
My goal pace was over 10 minute miles.  I just told myself to stay slow and keep running at a comfortable pace so I could make my mileage.  

I kept having to fight nagging thoughts that I was “too slow”.  I’ve never tried to train to make a goal pace in a half marathon and it is playing some head games with me.  I just keep telling myself to being able to run 9+ miles in any time is a blessing and a great achievement and I’ll just give it my all on race day.  How does that sound?  I’m aiming for positive yet realistic? 🙂
Here are my splits:
Mile 1- 10:07 (I never feel warm until about 1.5)
Mile 2- 9:41
Mile 3- 9:36
Mile 4- 9:52
Mile 5- 9:44
Mile 6- 10:18
Mile 7- 9:46
Mile 8- 9:27
Mile 9- 9:20

I fueled up with cereal before the run and some sport beans at miles 6 and 7.  

Since I just finished my nutrition for exercise class I’ve been very aware of the need to get adequate carbs before and after my runs.  
If you are someone out there who watches your calories, but runs make sure you are getting enough carbs.  I wasn’t at all so I’m actively working on that. Basically it’s 5g of carbs a day per kg of body weight on a training day and 1.5g of carbs per kg of body weight after the workout.  Post workout meals are SO IMPORTANT!  Your body is craving food in the form of carbs and a little protein.  Give your body what it needs!

After the run I had a Gatorade Recovery drink.  It’s 130 calories, 14g of carbs, and 16g of protein. I also added a banana for more carbs.

I’m thinking a sweet potato smoothie will be a good lunch.  Did you know sweet potatoes have WAY more potassium then bananas? True story!
I’m in a great mood today…not just because of my endorphins but Kyle’s clients are taking us to a DALLAS COWBOY game tonight!  Excited and nervous all at once!

How do you fuel up after long runs?

Love and Romo-licious,

Carissa & Kyle

Christmas Trivia

Posted: December 16, 2011 in holidays

As part of my cookie party celebration, I created a Christmas trivia game.
I was told that my questions were “too hard”!
My Mom got 16 right and Kyle’s Mom got 10.

Are you a Christmas trivia whiz?
Let’s find out:

Christmas Trivia Questions
1. What do the Whos of Whoville have for Christmas dinner?
2. In what country did Christmas trees originate?
3. Finish this lyric, “Santa Honey, the one thing I really do need.  The ___________ to a _________________ ____________.”
4. What is the name of Scrooge’s dead business partner?
5. What is Tim Allen’s read name in The Santa Clause?
6. Which company was the first to use Santa in its promotions?
7. “Sounds like somebody needs to sing a Christmas Carol.” What holiday movie is this quote from?
8. During which Christmas movie would you hear this line? “We’re your worst nightmare. Elves with attitude.”
9. What was the name of the angel in the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”?
10. Who plays Santa in the film, ‘The Polar Express’?
11. Which of these was one of the three wise men? Gaspar, Gideon or Malcolm?
12. Who delivers gifts to children in Italy?
13. Karen Allen and Bill Murray star in which Christmas movie?
14. In the original cartoon movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” where did the Grinch live?
15. In 2003 the holiday movie ‘Bad Santa’ was released. Who plays Bad Santa?
16. Who keeps time according to the song, “The Little Drummer Boy”?
17. In the song, “Here Comes Santa Clause” which two reindeer does he specifically name?
18. How would you say “Merry Christmas” in French?
19. In what state does the movie White Christmas take place?
20. What action movie set around Christmas involves terrorists taking over a skyscraper in LA?

On a workout note, I did another run in my half marathon training plan.  4 x 800’s intervals.  I warmed up for 1 mile then did my repeat 800’s with 3:45 walk breaks in between.
Have you done repeat 800’s?
I think they’re evil.  I have 2 more sets of them (6 AND 8) in my training plan.  Yikes!

Love and Ho Ho HO,
Carissa & Kyle

My Mom is cute. Way cute.  She always does her best to make every event special.  Her efforts at a healthy tailgating are the topic of week’s What I Ate Wednesday…Tailgating style!
Last week my Mom was in town for a visit and some Monday Night Football! We made the drive to Jacksonville to watch the Chargers take on the Jaguars.

The city of Jacksonville
Talk about some muscular legs.

You may have heard me talk about the Cowboys….. a lot…Kyle loves the Cowboys and because I love him…I love the Cowboys.  However my Mom is a Chargers fan and I grew up a distanced east coast Chargers fan in Virginia.

In an effort to be healthy and eat a good, yet portable, meal before the game my Mom created an in-hotel tailgating buffet.

Our spread included:

  • whole wheat bread
  • deli chicken and roast beef
  • deli cheeses
  • fresh tomato and romaine lettuce
  • baked chips
  • kumquats
  • potato salad
  • veggies
  • Beck’s light
  • Chocolate chip macadamia nut high protein cookies from the cookie party
It was great to have a fun meal and something lighter then typical tailgating fare.  Sammy’s and chips are great to me!
The game was wonderful as Philip Rivers and the Chargers offense finally got a movement going! We also had amazing second row seats! Thanks MOM!
Kyle & I polished off the remainder of the cold cuts, cheese, and veggies on the late drive home.
Thanks Mom!
Check out our other post on more healthy tailgating tips.
On another note today is Kyle’s birthday! The BIG 3-0!  Happy birthday KYLE!!

Love and first downs, 

Carissa & Kyle