I AM a personal trainer

Posted: November 19, 2011 in workouts

My husband is, as you all know, the BEST, TOUGHEST, most CREATIVE personal trainer ever to grace the milky way galaxy.  He’s amazing and I rely on him 3 times a week to make me cry and question why I set foot in the gym…
BUT…..I AM a personal trainer too.  But why use my brain when he is so much better for training?
Today I actually did use my brain.  I had to workout in my hotel and while Kyle writes me plenty of hotel workouts we didn’t know what equipment the gym had here.  I forgot to go look last night, so I said I’d just figure it out myself.
Here’s what went down.  80’s headphones and all.  How did I do?

80’s headphones and wearing my towel like a bib. The hotness*

 Warm-up: 800m jog, 15 squats with 40lb
Superset #1: 12 deadlifts with 50lb, 12 lat pulldown @75lb – repeat
Superset #2: 15 Hamstring curl, 10 20lb chest press followed by 5 single arm – repeat
Superset #3: 10 single leg leg extesion each leg followed by 10 leg extensions with both legs, 10 15lb shoulder press on medicine ball followed by a 10 second hold and 5 more reps – repeat
Superset #4: Hammer bicep curls to failure 15lb, walking lunges with 30lb, 12 reverse lunges each leg – repeat
Superset #5: 12 DB tricep kickbacks each arm, 1 minute plank hold with 15 knee bends, 20 double crunches

I tried to remember 3 things when doing this workout.
1. Hit every muscle group starting with the biggest first.
2. Don’t rest between sets. Keep that heart rate up.
3. As Kyle says, “I don’t care about the first 10 reps.  It’s the ones that hurt I want.”  I think that traces back to something Muhammed Ali said.  They asked him how many sit-ups he does and it said, “I go until it starts to hurt.  Then I start counting.”

After my workout I went downstairs to enjoy my free breakfast.  Staying in healthy mode I ordered the egg white omelet with peppers, mushrooms, and roasted tomatoes.

It needed ketchup!

Have you ever worked out so hard that your arms are shaking as you try to eat? That was totally me today! At least I took off the 80’s headphones!

Love and hypertrophy, 
Carissa & Kyle

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  1. Gina says:

    This was a great workout! I know it's from a while back, but I bookmarked and just did it tonight. Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. Thanks Gina! I'm glad you liked it and gave it a try! I will post more good ones ASAP!

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