Rosen’s Perfect Pizza

Posted: October 27, 2011 in hall of fame, healthy products
We always like to send kudos for those who make a difference in the world and Harris Rosen does that in so many ways.  He is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and now a healthy-food activist and creator of the perfect pizza!
Kyle & Mr. Rosen
The perfect pizza? Yes you read that right! Harris Rosen is making an effort to make one of America’s favorite foods healthier!  Sign me up! 
Rosen’s Perfect Pizza is a low-fat, low-sodium pizza with a honey whole-wheat crust and zero grams of trans fat. 
The pizza received rave reviews for its overall taste and delicious crust during 10 weeks of focus group testing with youth and adults in various Central Florida schools.
Rosen hopes to eventually launch an entire line of Perfect Foods to consumers via a multitude of distribution channels, including grocery stores, however he won’t personally see a penny of the profits. The philanthropist will donate all profits from Perfect Pizza sales to the Rosen Scholarship Foundation, which provides college scholarships to deserving Orange County students.
I have tried this perfect pizza and I really, really liked it! The cheese had a totally different taste- very rich – and the honey wheat crust gave a sweet bite. 

You can find the Rosen perfect pizza currently for sale in the Rosen Center Hotel on International Dr…and in my kitchen!  MMMMM!
You can create your own version of the Perfect Pizza at home by creating a whole-wheat crust and topping it with a homemade marinara sauce, low-fat cheese, and loads of veggies!

Kyle & I are also big fans of several Rosen restaurants at his Shingle Creek resort in Orlando. If you’re planning a trip to O-town check out Rosen’s resorts and support an amazing, health-minded organization.
Check out our post on stay at Shingle creek here.

Love and pizza thirsties,
Carissa & Kyle
  1. We had our wedding reception at Rosen Centre 🙂 Actually, it was supposed to be at Rosen Plaza, but they overbooked and were completely awesome about it (and they forgot to move our hotel – so they gave us the Presidential Suite for 2 nights!). Love 'em!

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