Beginner’s Guide to Couponing

Posted: October 27, 2011 in coupons

Today at an early birthday lunch with my friend Amber she mentioned that she wanted to get into couponing! That got me excited! 
I started rambling off about how much I love coupons and where I get them and how I use them and yadda yadda yadda.  I love to talk about coupons! 

Apparently there was a lot of info coming at her and she said, “Just write me a blog post about it.” So I said, “I did write a blog post about it.” 🙂  She suggested I write one geared at beginner couponers like her.  Okay – I can do that!
I have written 3 other how-to guides to couponing you can check out:
Crazy Coupon Lady
Extreme couponing tips
Extreme couponing on TLC

Today’s post, however, attacks couponing from the sheer basics. A lot of this will be most useful if you live in Central Florida like I do, but it can be adapted to any location.  I’m just more familiar with the coupon policies here.

If you’re ready to start couponing and have NEVER done it before.  Here’s how to start:
    1. Order the Sunday paper.  Order 2 if you live in Florida and want to maximize Publix’s BOGO (buy one, get one) sales. There’s a gift card deal on the Orlando Sentinel right now. 
    2. Create a coupon only email. For example, This will reduce coupon related spam in your actual email box.
    3. Bookmark several sites on your computer that have good deals, coupons, or match-ups.  I recommend:

    4. Know your store’s coupon policy.
  • At Target you can use a manufacturer’s coupon (like you would find in the Sunday paper) and a Target store coupon (like you would find online) for each item. 2 coupons = more savings.
  • Each Publix store accepts competitor coupons from its nearest competitors.  This should be posted in the store.  You can use manufacturer’s coupons, Publix specific coupons, AND competitor coupons all on the same item! This is where I get the best deals.
  • BOGO deals.  Some stores, like Publix, will accept a coupon for each item in a BOGO sale.  Therefore if pasta is $2 a box and on BOGO and you have 2 $1 off coupons, then your pasta will be free.
So now that you’re set up with an email, paper, and online coupons here is your week 1 couponing assignment!

    1. Starting Sunday clip coupons for items you may buy.  Paperclip the rest of the inserts together, date them, and store them for any great deals that pop up.

    2. Visit online coupon sites like, and Target’s mobile coupons and print any coupons you might need.  You can print each coupon twice per printer.  Print them now, because they can run out.
    3. Watch the tutorials at CouponMom. That’s the easiest way to get an understanding of how to maximize coupon savings.  Then select your state and store and create a list of the “sale” items you want that week.  You will she that she has listed where the coupons are for that item.  This is a good thing to do each week to make sure you’re not missing any major bargains.
    4. Organize the coupons in a binder, file folder, or simple envelope and take them all to the store.  If there’s an unexpected sale and you left that coupon at home you would be sad! Trust me!

I think that’s enough for week 1. What do you think?

If you want to do more then I’d say make a habit of checking Totally Target and I Heart Publix once a day.  Honestly that’s how I know which sales are best.

Good luck!  It’s really easy I promise!
I am still brand loyal.  I have just become aware of the average prices of the things I want and I can buy more when it’s really a good deal.  I save about $35-$50 dollars a week at the store.

Today I got a great coupon score on Halloween candy!

– 2 40 oz. bags of Butterfingers at Publix – $9.98 each – $20 total

– They were a BOGO item so that dropped my total to $10.
– I had two $1.40 manufacturers coupons + 2 $1.50 Target coupons
– Total – $4.22!!!!  Booyah!

Are you a couponer?

Love and pennies pinched,

Carissa & Kyle

  1. Alexis says:

    I also love I love couponing! Saving money is a thrill LOL. Great post for beginners!

  2. Nice buy! Omg why is halloween candy so expensive?!

  3. marashorr says:

    I would LOVE to get together and chat about coupons! I'm still a novice, so I always love great tips!

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