Halloween Vegetable Skeleton

Posted: October 26, 2011 in family, holidays, kid friendly food, wiaw

Welcome to another happy What I Ate Wednesday (or WIAW) as it’s known around here. Past WIAW: version one,  twothreefourfivesixseveneight,  nineten, eleventwelvethirteenfourteen, fifteen.

This week I decided to share a very fun, festive food that I put together along with my eats.

First here’s a run down of Tuesday’s eats:
Kashi Go Lean + Cinnamon Chex cereal mash up with Almond Milk
Snack 1
Low sodium v8
Snack 2
Quinoa + roasted zucchini and mushrooms + chick peas
Snack 3
Small apple + 4oz Gatorade pre-workout
Snack 4 (wow!)
1/2 Think Thin Gluten Free lemon cream bar
Lunch (finally)
2 slices of Udi’s Gluten free bread, rotisserie chicken “salad” made with cole slaw dressing + roasted veggies + H20
Snack (again)
Dessert Lean Protein shake made with water
Sofrito Chicken and beans + spinach salad + raw red pepper

Lots of snacking….and I was hungry all day? What gives?

Anyway… onto the happy little healthy skeleton! 

I got this idea from a blogger who saw it on Pinterest. I can’t remember who it was exactly, but if it was you then thanks!
I always try to bring healthy snacks like veggies to a party. Mindless munching happens, but it’s much less calorie dense if it’s raw veggies over chips or cookies.  I feel good about downing celery whilst gossiping!

I chopped all the veggies at home and put them into different bags, so they would be organized and clean when I went to assemble. It took me about 15 minutes.  I also made sure there were plenty of extra veggies to nibble on.  The “head” was filled with a fat-free ranch I made from fat-free sour cream and a Hidden Valley ranch packet.

The Pinterest version
My version. How’d I do?

The skeleton was made for a family birthday party.

Someone gave me pumpkins! I love them!!!

  There are 5 birthdays within 10 days with Kyle’s family + me!

Kyle’s sister Kelsey – one of the birthday kids!

I got to open a few early birthday gifts and I was soooo happy to get Skinny Italian! Somebody was reading the blog! Thanks Aunt Vickie! I can’t wait to cook some “skinny” pasta!

I shouldn’t be that excited..but I AM!

The skeleton was a huge hit! He’s already had requests to appear at other events this Halloween. Please contact me for booking info. 🙂
I heard that there was a “cat vegetable skeleton” on Pinterest too…hmmmm….intriguing.

What’s your favorite healthy party snack?

Love and anatomy,
Carissa & Kyle

  1. I always devour the fruit trays but I also love hummus and multigrain chips. Love the veggie skeleton!

  2. LOVE the skeleton! i want you to make the cat one next 🙂

  3. Love your veggie skeleton. That cat's funny, too.

  4. Kate says:

    Totally pinned the skeleton– and never got around to making it. lol. Yours is darling. 🙂

  5. He was very easy to make…and you can bet I'm going to give a Christmas tree one a go in about a month! 🙂

  6. I LOVE the veggie skeleton, How Cute!! Happy WIAW!

  7. That cat-veggie-skeleton is kind of creepy. Yours came out great! My favorite healthy party snack is probably hummus. Any excuse for hummus.

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