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Posted: October 24, 2011 in school, weekly meal plans

What a fun weekend we had!  I seriously LOVE October!  

The weekend wrap up is coming soon, but I wanted to share our weekly meal planning.

It’s so important for me to have a game plan for my meals and workouts.  Then it’s so much easier to make healthy choices instead of eating on impulse.  
This is another week where I’m trying to have really healthy weekday meals because our weekend (my birthday weekend) is going to be filled with treats!  Mmmmm- mellowcream pumpkins!  My fave!

Weekly Meal Plans
Monday – Zeus’s Greek Salad + 2 miles of HIIT sprints.  1 min 80% run with 1 minute of recovery.
Tuesday – Sofrito chicken and beans + full body workout

Wednesday – Jenny-O Extra Lean ground turkey tacos + full body workout
Thursday – early Birthday dinner at my in-laws! Pretzel chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies, and “dirt” pudding + 3-5 mile run.
Friday – Halloween Party! Kyle and I are attending a “kids” party and we are helping with the haunted house. + full body workout
Saturday – BIRTHDAY! I have no idea where I’m’s Kyle’s surprise like always but I CANNOT wait!

Birthday 2009

And now I’d like to pick your brains…I love my readers because you all are smart, health savvy people! I started a new class this week called “Dietetics in Community Health“. 
Part of our class is a project where we will write a grant proposal about a community health initiative we’d like to take on. We won’t ever actually send in the grant proposal, but it helps us understand all the steps to creating public health policy and community health programs.

So what do you think a good topic would be to work on? My project in the last class was on educating pregnant mothers on proper nutrition.  I could do something along those lines…but I thought I’d see if you guys saw in areas where you would try to address a health issue.  It can be something like creating a class or a billboard or labeling program.  
What do you think?

What area do you think needs a community healthy program or campaign to build awareness on a health related issue?

Love and grading rubric’s,
Carissa & Kyle

  1. Happy birthday week!! Pretzel chicken?! I want that recipe! I also think that educating seniors on nutrition is a huge gap – I find they are easily confused but with the age they need to eat well to avoid health issues. They also tend to go and eat a lot of free meals in their spare time which aren't always the healthiest choices!With pregnant mothers I think there are so many misconceptions out there on what to eat or not to eat so that is a great idea too!

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