Lucky Legs

Posted: October 16, 2011 in workouts

My usual workouts are full body.  Full body workouts, 3 times a week, is the perfect formula for me.  We’re all different so some people use an upper/lower split, push/pull, front/back, whatever works.  
I like full body workouts, because by using high intensity methods I can assure I’m working my muscles to failure and gaining strength.  Also because it’s full body I can quickly move between exercises to keep my heart rate elevated and burn extra calories.

On Friday I left my chiropractor and he told me not to work out my upper body.  For those of you who don’t know, I have 2 herniated discs in my neck from an auto accident last year.  They have been bothering me lately so Doc put the squash on the arms.

So just legs it is. And it hurt.  Doing just high intensity legs can wear you out!

Wanna give it a go?

Lucky Legs Only Workout:

Leg press

Warm Up: 15 leg press at an easy weight
Set #1:
– Heavy leg press x 10 – push up with an 8 second negative
– Box jump with a low squat at the top and bottom – x 10
– Hamstring curl – x10
– Repeat above 3 exercises

Source. And please squat lower before jumping than this guy.  He’s weak.

Set #2:
– Single leg, leg extension – x10 each leg
– Split squat box jump. Stand in a split squat position with your front leg elevated on a box about 12 inches high.  Jump and land in the same postion.  x10 each leg
– Lower back extension x12
– Repeat above 3 exercises

This is the leg position for the single leg squat jump. However you would be facing the other way.  Elevate your front foot, then jump, and land with your front foot still elevated.

Burn Out:
– Box runners 2×15 each side. Stand on top of “step” (like the ones used in group classes) and “run” on top of it. First time step with your right leg first and then lead with your left leg).
– Box jumping jack squats 15. Stand with you legs apart and one on each side of the step.  Squat and jump your legs together on top of the box.  Jump down. Repeat.

I ended the workout with some decline leg curls for the lower abs and probably some crying.  My legs were done-zo.

Love and glutes of fire,
Carissa & Kyle


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