Time to Detox

Posted: October 13, 2011 in advocare, healthy products

Let’s talk detox.
I think it can be a “taboo” process. Some people love it, some people need it, and some people think it’s looney.
I am a fan of the detox.  If done the right way.

I have friends who can do a real detox.  A detox where they slowly cut back on food, spend a few days on a juice only diet, and then slowly return to whole, clean foods. My friend and fellow blogger Alexis is in the midst of one of those now.  Bless her. 
After 3+ years as a pageant girl, working my butt off to compete at Miss Florida USA, I have the inability to survive off “juice” alone. I’ve been there.  Done that.  And I think small children my roomates were hurt during the process.

Pageant diet (and pageant hair)

I am, however, a big fan of a simple detox aimed at cleaning and refreshing my digestive system.  How sexy does that sound?
70% of you immune system is based in your intestines. Plus, you have as many neurons in your intestines as you do your brain. Seriously!  Happy bowels = happy body!


My detoxes always include a strict return to clean, unprocessed foods and a diet similar to plans I’ve posted here before. I also use a 10 day cleanse product to help me along.  
I like to use the Advocare Herbal Cleanse.  It consists of a fiber drink, herbal cleanse tablet, and most importantly a probiotic.  Even with snazzy yogurt commercials, it is true that probiotics are important to supplement your body with everyday.

Here’s what Advocare says about this particular product:
The AdvoCare® Herbal Cleanse system can help rid your body of toxins and waste with its unique blend of herbal ingredients.* Using a systematic approach, this 10-day system guides you day by day through the steps for thorough internal cleansing and improved digestion.* Herbal Cleanse supports the body’s metabolic systems and general health during the detoxification process by helping to keep energy levels up, aiding in removing impurities and supporting the immune system.* Some people who use Herbal Cleanse for the first time experience an encouraging weight reduction and/or reduction in inches when they pair the system with the recommended diet and exercise.

I’m not cleansing to lose weight.  I’m just doing it because with all the stress I’ve been dealing with lately it feels good to get my body “back to zero”.
If you’ve never tried a cleanse- this is a product I recommend.  The fiber drink is pretty thick and gross, but you get through it.  The best part I think it the incorporation of the probiotic.  You’re cleaning out the bad bacteria and replacing it with the good.  I think it helps my energy levels and well – uh- ummmm – that whole going to the bathroom thing 🙂
It’s around $30 for the full 10 days.  Not cheap but it’s an investment in me making healthier choices and re-vamping my body.  Think of it as an oil change for your digestion track!  Vroom Vroom!

If you have any questions about detoxing or Advocare send us a comment.

My detox starts tomorrow. There are no major diet changes coming, but I’ll let you know how it’s going.
If you choose to detox remember that I’m not a doctor and I’m just sharing my opinion here. And drink plenty of water! 🙂

Do you detox?

Love and bathroom breaks,
Carissa & 

  1. Alexis says:

    I do love Detox. I feel so much better at the end. Its like getting 20 hrs of sleep and being at a spa for an entire weekend LOL. I always feel like I have more energy and feel better from the inside out. Although I am happy to be bringing food back HAHA

  2. I was thinking of doing a detox! This came at the perfect time!

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