What I Ate Wednesday v.15.0- Celebration Dinner

Posted: October 5, 2011 in dining out, school, wiaw
This WIAW is presented by a scatterbrain.  But apparently it’s a very good brain too.

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Now onto the scatterbrain. I forgot to take pics of 75% of my food. A food journal blog sans photos. That’ll boost readership! 🙂


I do, however, have a genuine reason for my blonde moment. I was nervous. I wasn’t focused. I was thinking about something else.  What you ask? I was thinking that I might have been awarded a major scholarship at my school.  Might.

Monday night I received a phone call from the Office of the Chancellor of my school.  They invited me to a special event at the school.  They said they were inviting the “scholarship applicants”. The event was Tuesday night at 530 and they wanted to know if I could go…..hmmmm…… I had to think about it.
I go to school an hour away. So that’s an hour in the car at 8am, 4 hours of class, and hour home….then….I’d have to rearrange my afternoon, dress up, and drive an hour back to school…..to maybe get a scholarship….. I was excited about the possibility of winning, however still afraid inside that maybe it wouldn’t be me.  Maybe my 4.0GPA and 4 essays about my passion for health nutrition were bested by someone else? Maybe not

I spent a good part of Monday night and Tuesday am debating if I would go or not. Hence the scatterbrain.
I finally decided to go.  I got dressed up and made the drive.  Kyle couldn’t come because he was working and it was such short notice.
It was just me.  Just me and the other “scholarship finalists” and a room full of dignitaries.

There were speeches, videos, and then the scholarship presentation.  Time for the Founders Scholarship.
“This student has a 4.0 GPA.” Check
“This student is majoring in dietetics and nutriton.” Check.
“This student raised money for Breast Cancer Awareness by running the National Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer.” Check again – I’m pretty sure it’s me…..
And it was!

Pick me, pick me!!!!

I got it!  I am the proud recipient of the Founders Scholarship!!!!  I’m so excited and honored and it feels great to have a break from paying tuition aka up my mounting pile of student loans!
Kyle took me out to celebrate at one of my favorite restaurants, Taverna Opa. It’s loud, it’s fun, and they have amazing Greek food.  If you ever visit Orlando, Taverna Opa is a MUST!
We started our meal with a Greek salad and hummus. I love this salad because you get a big hunk of feta and juicy tomato.

The hummus is special too, because you get to “mash” your own.  You know it’s fresh!  Kyle is addicted to the hummus and pita here.

If you’ve never been to Opa; it is an experience! Think “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. They throw napkins, there are bellydancers, people dance on tables.
For dinner I enjoyed the amazing, fantastic, always delicious artichoke chicken.  Not a plate full of clean eating, but so so good! Two chicken breasts smothered in a lemon artichoke sauce with some heavenly lemon white rice.  Opa is right!

It was a truly wonderful day…just don’t ask me what I ate before dinner!

Love & accolades,
Carissa & Kyle

  1. Congrats on the scholarship and thanks for the restaurant rec! I'm visiting Orlando next year and am obsessed with Greek food so I'll add it to my list.

  2. congrats girl!!!!! that's amazing 🙂

  3. Katie says:

    Congrats girl! How awesome you got that scholarship! U earned it for sure!

  4. Congrats Carissa!!Dinner looks yummy 😉

  5. Alexis says:

    I love OPA!!! I love that you can also dance on tables to burn off the food HAHA

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