Orlando Magical Dining Month- Emeril’s

Posted: September 25, 2011 in date night, dining out, family

Yes, it’s still September. Yes, you can still get a 3-course gourmet meal for $30. Yes, we had an awful time at Ocean Prime. Yes, we gave Magical Dining Month another go at Emeril’s at Universal City Walk.

Emeril’s was FANTASTIC! The service and food were amazing from start to finish!  Everything we expected Magical Dining Month to be it was and that only makes the bad experience at Ocean Prime more sad for them.  
Magical Dining is supposed to bring you to new restaurants.  You fall in love with them. You get a great deal.  You come back for full price.  Emeril’s you win.  We’ll be back. BAM!

Emeril’s is a place we don’t usually think to head to.  It’s at Universal City Walk, which for Orlandoians is in the middle of tourist-ville.  You have to pay to park and walk upstream through sweaty tourists on their way out of the park. But the meal far outweighed the difficulties of the location. I had some Happy Hour specials with my Mom last year after a day in the parks and wanted to go back for the “real deal”.
Kyle’s parents Nancy & Jerry joined us for this dinner. It was great to have them there and they really enjoyed the meal.

When we told our waiter that we were there for Magical Dining Month, he was excited to have us! Excited! He brought us a special amuse bouche from the chef which was amazing!  What was in it? Don’t know exactly! A meat, a goat cheese, frisee, and a balsamic glaze I think? It was good.  And that was great service!

For my appetizer I went with the New Orleans BBQ shrimp with a rosemary biscuit.  I got 4 delicious shrimp with a killer BBQ sauce.  With a kick! Best part of my meal!

My entree was the citrus salmon and it was flavorful and cooked perfectly.  Nancy and Jerry went for the “boursin and bacon stuffed chicken breast”.  They raved about it!  I think it was the star of the show. 

Dessert was a choice of bread pudding or fresh fruit with sorbet.  Since our dining trips have been plentiful during September I went for the fruit.  Great choice!

I left feeling happy, satisfied, and not overly stuffed.
Emeril’s you get a hand clap!  Thanks for a great meal!

After we left the restaurant and were safely in our cars the bottom dropped out on some dark clouds here in Orlando.  Good timing for us!

What’s the last restaurant to impress you?

Love and cloth napkins,
Carissa & Kyle


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