Burgers for Big Boys

Posted: September 24, 2011 in dinner parties, races

Last night Kyle’s friend, fellow USF alum, and Best Man (1 of 2) at our wedding came over for dinner. 

Kyle and his best “men” at our engagement party- 2009.

Davis is not what you’d call a small man.  Kyle is a big, muscular man.  Davis. Nicest guy ever. Beast mode. Two big boys men to feed? Burger time!

Not just any burger – Hawaiian burger!
We grilled Jenny-O extra lean turkey patties and a brand of lean ground beef I found at Target.  The beef was grass fed without antibiotics.  Beef is a meat that I personally struggle eating, so I make sure to get Kyle the best beef possible.
Kyle also grilled pineapple rings and red onion on the grill.

Bun + burger + pineapple + red onion + avocado + swiss +BBQ sauce = one delicious burger!

We kept the sides simple with baked sweet potato fries, vegetarian baked beans, and a spinach salad.
Kyle’s the grill king and also in charge of sweet potato chopping.  I’m just not as good at chopping them into “shoestring” shapes.
We leave the skins on (more nutrients) cut them small, coat them in EV and cayenne pepper and salt, and bake at 450 for about 35 minutes until crispy.

My bunless burger.

It was great to enjoy another meal around our new dining room table with friends.

This morning I was up early to announce at the Miracle Miles 15k here in Orlando. It’s part of the Florida 15k challenge (Miracle Miles, Gate River Run in Jacksonville, and Gasparilla in Tampa).  The event is a lot of fun and raises funds for the NICU at Winner Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies.

It was hot today and I know those runners felt in during their 9.3 miles.  Both the male and female winners are training for Olympic Trials this January.  Exciting stuff! 
I also made up a new word at the finish. “Winisher” Yeah totally said winner + finisher at the same time.  Poof- you’re a “winisher”! 🙂

Betsy from Track Shack.  ❤ her!

I didn’t get a chance to run this afternoon, because once I was home it was a balmy 90 degrees and tomorrow am looks like a much better time to get my jog on. If you ran and are blogging about the race please share them with me! 🙂

Also speaking of Gasparilla above of, I’m still trying to find a 1/2 marathon to run.  I’m thinking Gasparilla….it’s a little farther away than I wanted (March) but….who doesn’t love a good pirate party? Thoughts?

What’s your favorite burger?

Love & your inner Bobby Flay,
Carissa & Kyle

  1. love the grilled pineapple! looks delicious!

  2. I didn't know you were announcing!! I would have waved. Hee.I LOVED Gasparilla last year (and I'm definitely planning on doing it again). It was such a fun race – and so well organized. Let me know if you sign up for it!

  3. Victoria says:

    I was looking for you today, but I'm too short to see anything! It was hotter than hades out there today, for sure.i've heard great things about Gasparilla!

  4. It was SO hot! I feel for you runners! I was the crazy lady yelling people's names for a bit and then I went over to awards around 9am!Glad to hear Gasparilla was so good! Looking forward to it! Maybe..haha!

  5. Lisa says:

    this looks really good. i struggle with beef as well but my hubby loves it. i actually enjoy a good portabella burger. 🙂

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