Another One Bites the Dust

Posted: September 23, 2011 in cat pictures, school, workouts
Oh yeah- another one bites the dust. As in another one of my RD classes down; more than I want to count to go. But its progress. 

Polie helped me study for my final.

Today I finished “Fundamentals of Food” and Monday I start “Dietetics Research and Education.” Sounds riveting…or like a lot of paper writing!
Baby steps toward the bigger goal!

Today I met Kyle at the gym for a quick, high intensity, full body workout.
It went a little something like this:
Set #1:
– 2 x 10 back lunges each leg with barbell on my shoulders
– 8 weighted barbell lunges. Lunge back then lateral lunge. 8 each side.
– 12 single leg deadlift with a 15lb dumbell with a db shoulder pull. Bend down to deadlift then shoulder pull as you stand up. 12 each leg
– 6 of the above back double lunges each side.
-12 of the above deadlifts each side.

Set #2:
This is a little complicated so hopefully this makes sense. Start on a bench that declines. Have the bench in the upright position.
-8 shoulder press.  Recline bench one notch.
-7 incline press. Recline bench one notch.
-Continue to recline the bench one notch at a time and drop your reps by one until you are doing a flat db chest press. No rest between sets

Set #3:
-12 bench jumps with hands on bench – with your hands on the bench jump your feet from 1 side to the other
– 2 x 12 DB double row
– 2 x 12 each leg single leg step-up on the bench with a 15lb db in one arm.  Hold the arm in an isometric tricep hold.
– Repeat set. 

Set #4:
– Decline sit-ups with arms out – 15
– Decline sit-ups with torso twists – 10
– Leg raises on the roman chair- 15

Post workout I fueled up with a brand new flavor of Larabar!  Chocolate chip cherry torte!  Larabars are awesome as I said before. Totally unprocessed; full of real food. Larabars are even more awesome because the company mailed me a box of their newest flavor. Surprise mail? Yes please! This flavor is climbing its way to the top of my Larabar faves. I usually prefer the fruity flavors, but this choco cherry combo is just right! Thanks Larabar!

Tonight Kyle’s friend Davis is coming over for dinner.  We’re having pineapple BBQ burgers.  I have an early am tomorrow as I’m hosting the Miracle Miles 15k here in Orlando.  If you’re running come say hi! I’m be doing the finish and the awards!

Love and brain busters,
Carissa & Kyle


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