What I Ate Wednesday v12.0 – Tailgating

Posted: September 14, 2011 in wiaw

In my quest to keep my blog fresh and exciting today’s What I Ate Wednesday food journal shares eats from Saturday instead of the usual Tuesday.  This is a shocking turn of events I know!

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6am Breakfast – Think Thin Gluten Free Protein BarI was hosting Track Shack’s Autumn Rock ‘n Run so this was an early am.  There was even an appearance from Kyle as he completed his second 5k with some awesome Fit2Flex clients.

930am – Post race announcing apple
11am – I clocked my own 5k once I got home.  A uninspiring 29min 5k, but I did it and miles always make me happy!1130am – Chocolate oats with berries, Mila, soymilk, cinnamon, and Dessert protein powder

3pm – leftover tilapia from Ocean Prime

Time to head over to Tampa to watch USF take on Ball State. Kyle is a bull.

430pm- nibbling on some Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips in the car

615pm- Tailgate Time! 

I brought my own Publix brown rice sushi to the party and enjoyed it with more chips and oodles of raw veggies. 

Kyle enjoyed a burger and a white meat turkey dog with veggies.9pm – Here’s a naughty one- I got a Coca-Cola at the game!  Hey- I’d been up since 5am.  I was sleepy!
USF got the win and kept their Number 22 ranking!  Go Bulls!

What’s your favorite healthy tailgating food?
Love and Leeroy Selmon,Carissa & Kyle

  1. Found you over at Peas and Crayons! Tailgating is so fun although we don't get to go as often as we would like now that we have kidos. We usually bring sandwiches from publix deli and a side of chips and veggies and beer. 🙂

  2. Glad you found us Amy! Publix is a great tailgating resource. I love their subs, sushi, and produce!

  3. Just found you on the WIAW posts, I love that you brought sushi to tailgate that is an awesome and healthy idea. I love it and will need to add that to my list next time.

  4. The sushi looks great…I only wish we had a Publix here in NC.

  5. The last time I brought chips in the car (it was the same brand and flavor, actually) the hubby and I finished off the entire bag. Whoops! It was a road trip, but it was only 4 hours! haha

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