Week At a Glance

Posted: September 5, 2011 in diet tips, weekly meal plans

Here’s a look at our weekly meals and scheduled workouts.  I kinda felt guilty about the influx of dining out splurges so I thought I’d go back to the healthy basics.

The key to weight loss/maintenance success: preparation!  Plan your meals, plan your workouts, and prepare to succeed.

Meals & Moves (yes, that’s the name of another blog.  Good name, good blog.  Check it out):
Monday –       full body workout, 15 minutes of HIIT sprints
            –       Greek grilled chicken with homemade Tzatziki sauce made with Chobani yogurt

Tuesday –      30 minutes of cardio, Kyle full body workout
             –      Pesto chicken with a salad

Wednesday-   full body workout
                –   Green chicken chili with white beans
Thursday –     Eggs for dinner with Udi’s Gluten free bread
Friday –         full body workout
          –        Orlando Magical Dining Month at Ocean Prime
Saturday –     long cardio- 4-5 miles
          –        Gameday! USF v Ball State – healthy ham sandwiches at fruit tailgating style

What do you think of our week?

Today I hit the gym for a full body workout with Kyle.  My legs were jello after the first set.  I can’t remember everything we did but it was a killer rotation of leg extensions with a hold at the top and deadlift-should press-deep squat.  That was followed up heavy leg press with bottom only presses and single leg jump squats.  After that I think I blacked out! 🙂

I went to Target to stock up for the week.  I got 4 things for free!  Cascade trial packs of this dish gelpacks are 97 cents.  I had a coupon for $1 off, so I made 3 cents!  I actually had 3 of those coupons so I made 9 cents!  Then Simply juice single serve was on sale for 91 cents and I had $1 off coupon.  9 cents for moi!  How are you doing on your coupons?  There were none in the paper this week, but they’re best online at the beginning of the month.  Look for lots of Kashi coupons online.

Hope you’re having a great labor day!

Love and lists,
Carissa and Kyle


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