Orlando Magical Dining Month- Morton’s

Posted: September 5, 2011 in coupons, date night, dining out

What a great weekend!  And it’s still going! In case you missed anything here’s a quick wrap up:

When I began to write this post it made me chuckle.  Our blog is about clean eating and healthy living…but…geez….we write about going out to eat a lot! We love going out to dinner.
 Healthy living is all about moderation.  We pack our lunches for the week and we eat dinner home on weekdays…the weekend is our eating out splurge. It’s one of our favorite things to do.  ALSO, As you know from my coupon post, I also enjoy a great deal.  
Today’s post is just that: a great meal and a great deal.

It’s September and that’s means it’s Magical Dining Month in Orlando.  
That means you can get a 3-course meal for just $30 at a plethora of fantastic Orlando restaurants.  Not just any restaurant, the fanciest, swankiest of the City Beautiful’s dining options.

We selected Morton’s for our first dining month trip.  Oh you didn’t think we were only going to pick one restaurant?

With the Magical Dining Month deal you get to pick a starter, main course, and a dessert from a pre-selected menu of three items in each category.  All the participating restaurants and menus are available online to preview before your dinner. Make sure you ask for the Magical Dining Menu when you sit down.  If you order off the standard menu it won’t be $30.
Morton’s was selected so Kyle could compare their steak to his favorite steak: Del Frisco’s.  The decor of Morton’s had an old school/”Mad Men” type vibe.  Our server brought over a tray of foods and meats and explained the menu to us.  This must be some restaurant tradition that I’m not familiar with. She held up a tomato and was like, “We made a salad and we slice tomato into it.”  I get that.  I didn’t need the extra visual.
For our salad we both selected the Morton’s salad with blue cheese and anchovy.  To be honest, it wasn’t a good salad at all.  Iceberg lettuce drowned in cream and diced egg.  Blech.  Salads are my fave part of my meal out usually, but this one was sub-par.
For our entrees, I selected the salmon with brussels sprouts.  Kyle went for the 6oz filet and a baked potato.  I was shocked by the huge portion of my salmon.  I expected to get a small piece since we were getting a “deal” but I was surprised.  The fish was cooked well and the brussels..oh yes…YUM!  They were roasted with shallots and bacon.  So good!
Kyle enjoyed his filet and said it was seasoned well and cooked perfectly.  He said it made his steak top 5, but didn’t knock off Del Frisco’s or Roy’s.
Dessert was a little piece of heaven.  Creme brulee.  I have fallen in love with this dessert.  I’m usually a chocolate person, but the crunch of the burnt sugar with the cream of the custard.  Outstanding!  I tried to eat only a little but, you only live once and I couldn’t let it go.  This really disappointed Kyle because he had his eyes on my leftovers! 🙂
We loved the atmosphere and the great price at Morton’s.  I don’t think I would pay full price to go there, but I’m happy we spent our Sunday night there. This week for dining month we are visiting Ocean Prime.  We also have Emeril’s and Capital Grille on tab.  

Did I mention it’s for a good cause?  One dollar from every Magical Dining meal goes to the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida.

What restaurant would you like to go to for $30?

Love and splurges,
Carissa & Kyle
  1. Lisa says:

    That salmon looks delish! My hubby won us a dinner at mortons in san Francisco a long time ago and I was amazed by the size of the sides and enjoyed the steak which I am not a huge red meat eater. The hubs on the other hand was not impressed. I wouldn't mind going back if it was just $30 per person.

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