Football time! 5 rules for football party success

Posted: September 2, 2011 in cardio, diet tips, fit tips, holidays, sports
Hallelujah its football season! I am rocking my bedazzled Tony Romo jersey right this second!

The house that Jerry built

Kyle and I closely followed the NFL draft and last night we I drafted for our fantasy team. Im not sure I did great. Yahoo had a major malfunction and locked me out of the first 2 rounds. So here’s what team “Teflon Don” looks like: Tony Romo, Steven Jackson, Michael Turner, Antonio Gates, Anquan Boldin, Braylon Edwards, Austin Collie, Mike Tolbert, Sebastian Janikowski, Detroit defense.  What do you think?

Do you play fantasy football?

Here are my tips for a successful football season. And by successful I mean maintaining your weight, enjoying the games and food, and not getting mad at your husband for his temper tantrums!

1. Always try to fulfill your workout goals as the week goes on. Burn as many calories as you can when you can. Getting in interval sprints on the morning of a tailgating party is a touchdown in my book. You’ll burn more calories all day with your EPOC
 Try this sprint routine: 
4 Quarter Sprints
– Warm up for 5-10 minutes
– Sprint 15 seconds
– Jog 15 seconds
– Sprint 30 seconds
– Jog 30 seconds
– Easy run 2 minutes (halftime)
– Sprint 45 seconds
– Jog 45 seconds
– Sprint 60 seconds
– Jog 60 seconds
– Sprint 15 seconds (overtime)
– Cool down 5 minutes

Tomorrow am I’m going to spin class with my friend Taina so we can get our pre-Gator party calorie burn on!

Garage workout

2. Eat before you go to the watch party.  Yes, eat more.  Eating 200-300 calories of a high protein/low-carb snack before hitting the social scene will help your waistline.  You’ll be less likely to be starving and eat more “unhealthy” foods.  Try a hard boiled egg, cheese stick, protein shake, or Greek yogurt.

3.  Use a plate.  Sounds simple, but for me personally I am bad with mindless eating. I will nibble and nibble chips until somebody physically takes them away from me.  (Are you thinking what I’m thinking Easy E?)  Portion out an acceptable amount of food onto your plate and just eat that. 

4.  Gobble the lower calories bites.  If you can’t fight fun, mindless eating choose healthy, low-calorie foods or even bring them yourself.  Go for raw veggies, popcorn, or a small handful of nuts.

5.  Pick your poison.  You can have beer.  You can have nachos.  You can have cake.  But you can’t have all three. (ok you can, just don’t blame me if you feel guilty after).  Pick your “poison” and make healthier choices for your other nibbles.
I am making my FIRST EVER try at homemade cupcakes!  I’m even making them Gator colors (Blue and Orange) which is hard for this Florida State girl.  I’m using a recipe from Courtney’s blog so wish me luck. The cupcakes will be my splurge tomorrow, because I know we’ll have healthy chicken chili to eat and veggies to nibble on.

Rocky stomping on the Gator cupcakes!

This is the start of my favorite time of year! Even if it’s still 100 degrees here in Orlando it feels like fall to me.

Are you ready for some football????

Love and the SEC,
Carissa & Kyle


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