Arm-ageddon – Biceps & Tricep Workout

Posted: September 1, 2011 in workouts

Get prepared for ARM-ageddon!  No Ben Affleck will not be present, but you’ll have sexy, star-worthy arms!  Score!

I love the look of strong, toned arms.  That’s one of my favorite transformations in myself over the past 3 years of high intensity strength training.

Get your tickets…to the gun show…

Working with weights will not bulk you arms into “guns”.  Women, as I’ve said before, lack the hormones to put on serious muscular size.  Heavy weights won’t do it either.  Using heavier weights as you train is good to keep progressively challenging your muscles and making them work harder.

Here’s the first of our series of arm workouts to give you earth-shatteringly awesome arms.  It’s ARM-mageddon time. Note- these exercises use mainly free-weights which can be tricky to learn.  If you’re brand new to strength training staying with machines.  Try our beginner workout.

Beginner Bi’s and Tri’s:
Perform each exercise in the superset 2 times. So you’d do move “A” then move “B” then move “A” then move “B”
SuperSet #1:
– Close Grip Bench Chest Press – keep hands close together to engage triceps – 12-15 reps

       – Here’s the deal with pull-ups.  They’re hard. I can only do 5.  If you can do em, do as many as you can.  If you have an assisted machine then use that, but focus on the “negative” part.  When you’re coming back down.  Come down very slow to a 10 second count.  If you just have a bar then very carefully jump (or step up) to a pull up position and lower yourself down.  Basically only doing the negative or last half of the pull-up.  Make sense?

SuperSet #2:
– Straight bar bicep curls – 10-15

– Single Arm DB tricep kickbacks – 15 each arm

SuperSet #3:
– Alternating DB hammer curls – hold the DB as if you were hammering something on the ground– To failure each arm

– Overhead tricep extension – hold a single DB overhead and lower behind neck– 12-failure

SuperSet #4- The BURNOUT!
– Arm DB Combo – Sit on a bench. Using a single arm do a bicep curl, rotate up to a shoulder press, and finish with a tricep extension.  See photos.  Your triceps may reach failure before you bi’s and shoulders so stop that move when you can’t do anymore and finish the set.  12 reps or failure

– Close grip pushups – to failure

What do you think?   I say it’s time to look for a new job….as a lifeguard…cuz the beach is over ——> there! 🙂

Love and sweat,
Carissa & Kyle

Workout Recap:
SS #1:
– Close grip chest press
– Pull-ups
SS #2:
– Straight bar biceps curl
– Tricep kickback
SS #3:
– Hammer curls
– Overhead triceps extension
SS #4:
– DB curl/shoulder press/extension combo
– Close grip pushups

  1. great workout! can i come have kyle be my trainer too!?

  2. Dawn says:

    I love Biceps & Tricep days…it hurts so good! Your arms look great…its not easy but I love when a man grabs my arm and takes a second grab because they are impressed with how "hard" they are. 🙂

  3. Woo-hoo – love this post! Your arms look amazing. I like the way you've broken the exercises down.I think pull-ups are my FAVORITE. I can't do a single one unassisted, but I feel like a superhero when I'm doing them!

  4. Thanks! Tell me how you guys like the workout! Remember to lift big! 🙂

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