Thinking Tuesday- The Meatrix

Posted: August 30, 2011 in thinking tuesday

Here’s something to get excited about!  Today is my first “cooking” day in my Fundamentals of Food class!  

For the next month I get to cook in class! Take that biochem! Our menu for the first day includes a basil, zucchini penne pasta and some type of corn starch pudding.  Remind me to pack my will power when I head out the door in the morning.  Vacation + cooking class + football season + Orlando Magic Dining Month = mental breakdown.  I’ll be doing my best not to over-indulge in our educational eating.

Today is the return of Thinking Tuesday!  Sadly, our amazing professor that really made us “think” about food is no longer with us.  Hopefully I can still get us thinking and learning together.

If you’re new to Thinking Tuesday you can catch up here:week 1 hereweek 2 hereweek 3, week 4.

Today I wanted to share a video called “The Meatrix”.  Eating meat is something I sometimes struggle with.  It tastes good, I like the lean protein aspect of it, but I don’t love the way America is processing and treating meat.  To me, it’s a question of why are they putting so many antibiotics and hormones into the meat?  Surely that can’t be good for me?

This is a good and quite witty video to give you a few things to think about.  If you’ve seen the Matrix, then you’ll appreciate the humor. 

I personally like “Moofious”.  Makes me giggle.  Although this is a very serious subject and I’m not trying to offend anyone.  It’s just to make us think.  There are several continuations of this series if you’d like to see more.

So what did you think about the Meatrix?

Love and toeing the line,
Carissa & Kyle


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