Refreshed and relaxed

Posted: August 26, 2011 in travel
Well, the vacation party is over. Curtain closed. It was so much fun!  Perfect weather, delicious food, beautiful scenery, and handsome company!

I have lots of work to do with the vacation wrap up posts. I did one on our trip to the Braves game but there’s so much more. I’ll bring them to you with a mega dose of workout advice in the upcoming week. Thank you also to Lindsay and Charissa, my amazing guest bloggers!

We had a hard time deciding where to vacation this year.

The past 2 years we’ve gone to an amazing all-inclusive resort in Cancun.

We originally thought we were going to go to Las Vegas this year…but….that’s just not us. One, we don’t do clubs or gamble. Two, can you imagine how much it would cost us to feed Kyle for a week in Vegas? It just didn’t feel exciting…

We thought and thought and finally settled on Atlanta. We could drive, meaning we could search out healthier foods, and there is so much to do in Atlanta! I was also highly inspired by Julie’s trip to Woodfire Grill. Delish is all I’ll say!

Originally we planned to do 3 days in the ATL and 3 near the beach probably in Savannah…until one of Kyle’s clients offered us the use of their mountain home in North Carolina. Kyle had never been to the mountains so we jumped on the idea.

It was perfect. The mountain views are every bit as beautiful and relaxing as the beaches of Cancun.  Plus we had a fridge for “semi” healthy foods. It is vacation after all!

We also got 2 VERY intense workouts in and 2 less intense ones….I cannot wait to run on the surface of the sun with my Garmin tomorrow!

We can’t wait to share all of our travels with you!

What’s your favorite place to vacation?
Love and road trips,
Kyle & Carissa

  1. Lisa says:

    Can't wait to hear more! I dont really have a favorite place to travel – I just love to travel!

  2. Mara says:

    Great post, Carissa! Russ and I have a goal of getting away once a year from now on, just the two of us. After being together for three years, a cruise to the Bahamas was our first romantic getaway this past April, and next year, we're taking a bit more time for "just the two of us" before or after a friend's wedding in Cabo next March. We do a lot of traveling up north to see family 😉

  3. Charissa says:

    I love the picture of you two at the bottom! Such a smashing couple!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments guys! @Mara we travel a lot to see family or for work, but there's nothing like quality time with just us! It's a must for our annual "anniversary" vacation.

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