Going Meatless

Posted: August 19, 2011 in healthy products, recipes, vegetarian

There are many benefits of going vegetarian, even if just for a week, meal, or day.  Diets that are high in fruits, vegetables, and fibers keep you healthy and help prevent chronic diseases.  Depending on who you ask, eating meat takes a huge toll on the environment from a “fossil fuel” standpoint.  But I’m not jumping into that discussion….we like meat.  Kyle LOVES it.  It’s a great source of protein and B vitamins.

I was asked to try a vegetarian meat product from Harmony Valley and I decided to give it a try.  No harm in trying right? We got the breakfast sausage mix and the hamburger mix.  

I decided to make a breakfast pizza with the sausage.  Obviously not a vegan dish.

I should’ve read the directions closer, because we had all our ingredients ready and THEN I discovered that the sausage has to be re-hydrated.  It comes in a pouch and you simply re-hydrate it in water.  I have to be honest, this was a strange process.  I tried to hide it from Kyle so it wouldn’t spook him from eating it. I’m sure this is similar to what you do when you’re camping…or traveling to the moon…however I have done neither of those things.

Re-hydrate me please.
Browning the sausage for extra texture.

We made an easy Pillsbury pizza crust and lightly scrambled some eggs. (This was before the great scrambled egg discovery).  Then we topped it with a little cheese (I mean little because I underestimated how little cheese we had) and some raw green bell pepper. 

We pre-baked the crust 8 minutes first, topped it, and then baked it some more.

The sausage had a good flavor.  Lots of spices and I really didn’t feel like I was eating “veggie” sausage.  It’s made from primarily soy ingredients.

The pizza…well…it was a good intention.  It wasn’t as good as I had hoped once it was all put together.  I think we can make some improvements.

Thank you to Harmony Valley for letting us enjoy a slice of vegetarian life.  This was an easy to use product and something I would go to in a pinch for a quick, yummy breakfast or dinner.  The dry mix makes it easy to store and I like that the company cares about sustainability.

Maybe it’s time for a Bealert meatless Monday?

Do you eat vegetarian meals?  Why do you go “veg”?

Love and happy cows,
Carissa & Kyle

  1. We eat one a week. My husband likes to have meat in most his meals, so one or two times a week is all I can get away with 😉 I just prefer the taste and of course health benefits.

  2. Kyle is the same way! I tell him that beans have protein and a complete amino acid profile when combined with rice…but boys….boys like meat! 🙂

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