What I Ate Wednesday v8.0- Food Fail

Posted: August 17, 2011 in wiaw

Hey gang!  It’s Wednesday and time for a food recap.  Sadly today was an epic food fail.  😦
But it didn’t start out so bad…

730am – Cereal Mash Up- Kashi Go Lean with Fiber 1, chia seeds, unsweetened almond milk, blueberries

10am- V8 (highly recommended by my nutrition prof)
1130am – 2 rice cakes with 1 Laughing Cow Light Swiss Wedge
12pm- pear
1pm- Greek salad with leftover rotisserie chicken and a sweet potato.  I found this great lettuce mix called Organic Girl SuperGreens that I’ve been loving.  Spinach, red & green swiss chard, tat soi (what’s that?), arugula, and spinach.  It has a bright flavor and tons o’ nutrients!

4pm- small bowl of Fiber 1 with almond milk
6pm- I made a delicious batch of carrot cake protein cake!  Yum-o!  And I nibbled on some sweet batter!  Check out the recipe here.

I had to run to Target this afternoon.  Since I was there I figured that I would jazz up my dinner plans.  I had been admiring a curry dish Lindsay made on her blog.  So I decided to make curry!  Only to get to the aisle and see that they were totally out of coconut milk!  Wiped clean!  There was a run on coconut milk?  Apparently. 
Once I get my mind set on something I’m pretty much determined.  I wanted curry.  End of story. They had this “10 minute simmer sauce”.  It seemed a little watery, but I thought I’d give it a try.  I also got some mushrooms and snow peas for my dish.

stupid sauce

I sauteed my chicken briefly to give it some texture and followed the directions on the jar.  It became a soupy, tasteless pot of yuck.  How can a curry sauce have zero spice???  It did!
I was so mad at that sauce that I never even took a pic of the finished products.  I ate it, because I’m stubborn like that.
And that’s all I’d like to say about that.
Not a very glamorous Wednesday.  I’ll try to jazz it up next week.
Anyone have a great, easy curry I should try?  Catch up on past posts: version one, two, threefourfivesix, seven.
Love and failure,

Carissa & Kyle

  1. i've tried a sauce like that with bad luck too 😦 i think coconut milk is key! and adding extra peppers, even to the hot sauce!

  2. I love Super Greens! I've been eating two tubs of them weekly since Publix started to carry it. Great way to get a good mix of greens in.

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