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Posted: August 12, 2011 in milestones, PR, video

About a month ago I attended the very first Central Florida Blogger Conference.  Remember?

Not only did I learn a lot there, but it was a great networking event.  One of the women I met, Kyann, works with a TV program called GalTime.  GalTime is a web mecca of info related to women. 

In Orlando they air a show on Channel 27 at 10am on Saturdays.  They are also affiliated with the Nationally syndicated Morning Show, The Daily Buzz, which shoots here in Orlando. How do I get a spot on THAT show?  Hmmm…..

This week I got to travel to GalTime to shoot not 1 but TWO segments for the show!  Woot wooo!  Anytime we have a chance to spread our message of healthy living through working out and clean eating it is a great opportunity.

TV Trick- I only changed my shirt for the 2nd segment because I was behind a table.  Hence why I’m wearing a nice shirt with workout pants. 🙂

The morning of my segment was a monsoon.  Doesn’t Mother Nature know I just did my hair?

My first segment was with Michelle and showed 3 strength training moves you can do at home.  We only had 2:30 for the entire segment!  Eek!  I’m a talker so it was hard to fit all the info in…but….I think hope know I rocked it! Except the one part where I tried to say “heart rate” and “calorie burn” and I totally said “increase your heart burn”.  Whoops.  

For each exercise I showed a beginning version and an advanced version that incorporated the arms.  Using more muscles = a bigger calorie burn.  The 3 exercises were:

  • Squat.  Squat with overhead dumbbell press.
  • Split squat.  Split squat with triceps extension.
  • Lateral lunge.  Lateral lunge with bicep curl.
The second segment was the Andrea and talked about making better alcohol choices.  Yes, after all the wine I had at our dinner party, I must have had booze on the brain.
We showed 3 groups of 2 drinks and picked the “best” drink from each group.
  • Margarita vs Bloody Mary
  • Screwdriver vs Run & Diet
  • Red wine vs. Gin & Tonic
Want the answers?  I guess you’ll have to watch the show! 🙂

The segments will air on two different shows.  I’ll let you know when.  The first segment will most likely be in 2 weeks – August 20. Overall I was happy to be in front of the camera again and share our fitness message. 

Thank you to Kyann and GalTime for this great opportunity. 
Andrea, me, Michelle
Love and B-roll,

Carissa & Kyle

  1. tamara says:

    hey thats totally cool!

  2. How cool!!! I am already ready for another CFL Blogger conference!

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