Midweek Whole Foods Date

Posted: August 5, 2011 in date night, workouts

This week I got a rare afternoon date with Kyle!  

Naturally we wanted to go eat, so I took him to Whole Foods so I could show off my new food knowledge!  We talked about hemp protein, pea protein, why Whole Foods meat is so healthy, and then why we don’t shop there because it’s so darn expensive!  They do offer some coupons on their website.

The main purpose of our trip was lunch, so I didn’t buy too much else.  We got 2 heirloom tomatoes and I got a Kombucha drink. I got a brand that wasn’t the original Kombucha and it was gross.  Bummer.

The Whole Foods salad bar area is like stimulus overload for me.  I walk around in a trance contemplating all the yummy, colorful foods.  Eat a rainbow my professor told us today.

Kyle headed over to get a hearty chicken burrito and I continued my aimless walking.  

I’m like a shark circling the same selection of bean salads and veggies over and over and over.  Finally something bright caught my eye in the sushi section.  A mango and avocado veggie roll?  Interesting…I had just learned how amazing mango‘s are for you in school so that was a “go”.

I also wanted some beans and veggies so I made a tiny plate of garbanzo beans and feta salad, orzo pasta salad, and “garlicky kale”.  Garlicky Kale is a Whole Foods signature dish in my book and it’s fantastic!  I always flock to it when I’m there.  I need to try to make it at home.

Kyle and I both washed our meals down with an Honest Tea Green Tea with mint.

It was great to have a moment to chat with my busy husband over lunch.  It’s rare he has an afternoon free from training National Champions! (more on that to come).

Before our lunch, Kyle kicked my butt at the gym.  I worked out the day before so I focused on hamstrings, biceps, and triceps.  Here’s a quick rundown of my sweat session.

Superset 1 – 2 times through
– Straight-legged deadlift on the Smith Machine – 15
– Close grip tricep pushups on the Smith Machine bar with feet elevated – 8

Superset 2 – 2 times through
– Close grip pull down with a 10 second negative release- 6
– Stay in the pull down machine, lean back to engage your core and do heavy bicep curls-8
– Tricep skull-crushers (I did manual resistance but you can do skullcrushers)

Superset 3- 2 times through
– Manual resistance bicep curls against the wall (you can do hammer curls with arms pushed against the wall.  Prevents momentum.
– Single arm cable overhead tricep extension

– Weighted side dip
– Alternating side/oblique leg lifts in the Roman Chair
– Leg lifts in the Roman Chair (knees up, extend legs straight, slowly lower)

Are you a Whole Foods shopper?

Love and sore obliques,

Carissa & Kyle

  1. Charissa says:

    I love Whole Foods…totally an acceptable place for a date! LOVE it!And since I love so much already, have to say you have the best name ever, lol.

  2. We don't have them where I am! But you better bet that it (along with Trader Joe's) will be one of my first stops when we get into the States in a few weeks!!!

  3. Linz says:

    i loooooove whole foods!!!!! but it is so gosh darn expensive! 😦 however, i have been buying some items there in bulk and i think that does make it less (and more healthy!) than traditional, pre-packaged grocery store items. i also love whole foods for the sake of trying new foods that i've never even heard of before!

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