Be Our Guest!

Posted: August 5, 2011 in date night, family, holidays, recipes

Kyle and I are in the midst of prepping and getting ready for our 1st “grown-up” dinner party!  

As I mentioned early in the week we FINALLY got a real dining room table!  Which looks way better than the 2 living-rooms that existed before. It’s from Ashley furniture and we got a great deal on it thanks to one of Kyle’s clients.  His clients are better than coupons!

We still need to get a better centerpiece but this will do! (I was not blessed with the decorating gene)

Asia approves

I’m excited to finally have a real table.  It’s amazing that think that as our family grows so many special dinners and holidays will be celebrated around this table.  Little family members will someday sit there!  Someday…. 🙂

Last night’s inaugural dinner.

We’re calling tonight’s dinner “Greekfest”! The menu features marinated and grilled chicken and steak with Mediterranean flavors of course!  I’m also making roasted lemon potatoes and a mega Greek salad.  Our friends are bring Greek dips and dessert.  And there will be wine.  Red, white, whatever!  

Marinating potatoes

There may also be a little Karaoke/Cranium action as the night continues.  

I’m so happy to have a weekend off and be able to spend time with my husband and friends!  Tomorrow we’re busy too as we have Kyle’s sister’s graduation party and Taina’s (Kyle’s cousin’s fiancee) birthday party downtown!  You may remember Taina and Shawn from their very elegant engagement party!  And I MUST get in a workout tomorrow!

Off to chop veggies! 

What is your favorite dinner to fix for company?

Love and OPA,
Carissa & Kyle

  1. I love hosting dinners and parties no matter what we make! I always look for recipes that can be prepped ahead of time and take less active cooking so that I can enjoy my company and just let dinner cook away in the stove!PS Love Beauty and the Beast, I was just looking at tickets to the musical!

  2. I LOVE having people over. Hostessing is one of my favorite things 🙂

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