Thinking Tuesday- The Egg Myth

Posted: August 2, 2011 in diet tips, thinking tuesday

News FLASH: Don’t scramble eggs.  Read on…..
Welcome back to the second edition of Thinking Tuesday!  Make sure you check out week 1 here.

Today I want to start with a little chat about eggs.  

Yes, the incredible, edible egg.  Remember those commercials?  Eggs are a on-again-off-again health food. Eat eggs! They are a healthy, inexpensive source of protein. Eat the yolks and the white.

Cholesterol.  That’s what you’re thinking. Eggs are notorious cholesterol villians.

We have all heard bad things cholesterol in an egg yolk.  True, an egg yolk analytically speaking has 215mg of cholesterol.  HOWEVER, biologically speaking your body will not absorb those 215mg of cholesterol and implant them in your arteries.

So you can eat eggs and enjoy their amazing benefits without fear of cholesterol … UNLESS …. UNLESS …. you eat your eggs scrambled.

Yeah- this is where it gets hairy.

The cholesterol is in the yolk. Right?  Well when you boil, poach, fry, or have an egg over easy what happens to the yolk?  It stays intact.  You don’t break it.

What happens to the yolk when you scramble an egg?  

You break the yolk.  There’s the problem.

When you break the yolk, that allows the cholesterol to be exposed to more air and heat than the other cooking methods. That air and heat cause the cholesterol in the scrambled eggs to oxidize way before you eat them.  

Cholesterol that has already been oxidized, prior to digestion, has a higher risk of contributing to atherosclerosis.

According to my professor, if you scramble eggs at home and eat them relatively soon after, there is less risk.  The most harmful scrambled eggs come from those that have been scrambled and frozen or freeze-dried.  Or if they were made in a hotel/cafeteria setting and sat out further oxidizing.

Not to be an egg Debbie Downer, but this article blew my mind.  I guess I will be learning how to make “dippy eggs” ASAP.

It’s dippy du jour now!

Will scrambled eggs kill you?  NO!  Are boiled or sunny side up eggs a better nutritional bargain?  You betcha! The article appeared in IAACN Insight in the Summer 2008 written by Dr. Jonathan V. Wright.

I had some more “thinking” facts to share with you…but…that was a lot to handle.  How about a Thinking Thursday mid-week fact session?  I don’t want to turn into a boring, facto blog!

Mom, all this science is for the birds.  Wait- I love birds.  Are there birds?

Was that boring and way too Bill Nye Science for ya??? Or interesting? Let me know!

Love and yolks, 
Carissa & Kyle

  1. Good to know, I had no idea! I like mine hard boiled the best.

  2. hmmmm, interesting. but i do love my scrambled eggs…i always eat them right after though!

  3. Interesting stuff – I had no idea! I prefer my eggs cooked in an omlette or fried (well done — no drippy eggs for me!). I guess this is a good thing for egg beaters?

  4. I normally LOVE my eggs sunnys-side-up but as a preggo you aren't supposed to eat runny eggs :(Great info though! I normally scramble one egg+2 egg whites to cut down on the yokes

  5. Hey Madeline- so I have never, ever, ever eaten or made sunny side up eggs. tips?

  6. I crack them into a bowl and slowly pour them into a frying pan (sprayed with Pam Olive Oil) and let them cook slowly over a lower heat until the whites aren't runny. I haven't "mastered" it yet but they turn out just fine 🙂

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