Shortcut Baked Ziti

Posted: July 24, 2011 in recipes

Thursday was a busy day.  I had my BioChem final (insert happy dance here!), I blogged, bought the new BOGO deals at Publix, caught up on the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, and had to work.  Yes, all of those thing were necessities.

I did so much in the afternoon that I didn’t leave myself enough time to make the dinner I had planned. I wanted to make a baked ziti….however…I ended up only having enough time for a shortcut baked ziti.  It still tasted great and can be a go-to quick recipe in your repertoire!

Why shortcut?  I used frozen onion and mushrooms!  Eek!  They were faster and cheaper than fresh today.  I also used jarred sauce!  Mega EEK!  I seriously was running out of time and knew I couldn’t make a marinara from scratch.  I always keep a jar on hand for time-emergencies like this.

Short-Cut Baked Ziti

– Cook pasta according to box
– In skillet sautee diced FROZEN onions and FROZEN mushrooms with garlic and Italian spices. (it was so Sandra Lee of me!)

– Brown Jenny-O Extra Lean turkey breast
– Mix 16oz. ricotta cheese with fresh parsley, 2T egg whites, and salt and pepper
– Layer pasta, turkey, ricotta, and sauce.  Top with cheese if desired

– Bake at 350 for 25 minutes

I’m not a huge fan of jarred sauce (extra sugar) but I was in a pinch and I needed a meal that would carry on through leftovers.  Better than a Big Mac!

Post BioChem Celebratory Moscato!

What’s your favorite short-cut meal to make?

Love and freezer burn, 
Carissa & Kyle

Other notable Italian eats – Spaghetti squash, easy chicken parmesan 


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