>Mix1 Protein Shakes- I’m a fan

Posted: July 12, 2011 in diet tips, healthy products

>Hey ya! Happy Tuesday to ya!  I’m excited to be able to share another great product review with you.

If you are a client of Kyle’s or have talked nutrition with me you have probably heard this, “eat more protein.” Or this, “Eat protein at every meal.” And maybe this, “Try to eat 5-6 times a day incorportaing protein each time.”  Am I close?

Obviously it’s necessary and important to eat protein.  Protein (amino acids held together by peptide bonds) is the building blocks of muscle.  Beyond that your body digests protein more slowly than carbohydrates (aka sugar) meaning it keeps you fuller longer.  And your body has a VERY hard time storing protein as fat cells.  Carbs on the other hand…well we all know where they end up.

Thus I was happy to find that Mix1 was a protein shake that had many benefits beyond protein!

Mix1 shakes are all-natural!  This was HUGE for me, because I don’t like to fill my body with “fake” sugars, additives, etc… Being able to read and understand everything on the label.  Score.

Mix1 shakes are also lactose, gluten, soy, and caffeine free.  No lactose and gluten was clutch for me and Kyle, like many men, tries to avoid excess soy in his diet.

Nice stats.

Since the shakes are all natural you actually get antioxidants from 3 servings of fruits and veggies in the shakes and some soluble fiber.  Fiber fans raise your hands!

They also have a line of lean performance shakes that have about 90 calories and 9g of fat.  These make a perfect post-workout drink for me. 

There are a lot of fruity flavors (peach, acai-pomegranate, mix berry) and traditional chocolate and vanilla.  Kyle and I both preferred the chocolate and vanilla flavors best.  Maybe because that’s the flavor of protein we are used to drinking.  This is random, but the bottles are really pretty too.  I liked seeing all the colors in my fridge.  I drank one before a recent photo shoot and it helped keep me fueled through many wardrobe changes.

Mix1 Pre-makeup and pre-photo shoot

Mix1 drinks are available in most grocery stores at reasonable prices.  This was a nice benefit for me, because I don’t have to drive all the way to a GNC or Vitamin Shoppe just to get some.  These are great drinks to have on hand all the time!  Because you’re never going more than 3 hours without food…right???

Here’s another fun thing about Mix1…they’re fun!  They’re a fun company.  They are very into social media and have a great presence in the community and at many races.  Kyle was familiar with them from their marketing at races, however me….the race announcer…was clueless prior to my review.  I saw them at the Watermelon 5k on the 4th and wanted to go say “hi”…but I’m kinda shy sometimes 🙂

I am very happy I found Mix1!

If you are someone who:

  •  knows you need to be eating more
  • who is busy
  • who likes to eat naturally
  • is looking for a tasty protein drink

…then pick up some Mix1!  And I bet if you write them an email or a quick tweet they may even send ya a coupon!

Also check out my last product review on KW Vegan Collards.

Love and our #1 drink, 
Carissa & Kyle

*note- I was not paid by Mix1 to review this product*

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