>The Breakfast of the YEAR!

Posted: June 30, 2011 in recipes

>I got my quinoa on for breakfast!  That’s a first for me!  Don’t be afraid to try it…it’s actually good fantastic!

I have been trying to think of “quick”, nutritionally jam packed breakfasts to share with you guys.  I’ve also been searching out “gluten-free” options for me as I try to ween myself away from being the “cereal queen!”

Smoothies are a great, quick breakfast.  Especially if you are someone who hates the tastes of protein shakes theses are a good alternative.

See they’re portable… :/

Mix up:

  • protein powder
  • frozen fruit
  • a liquid (almond milk, milk, OJ)
  • Optional: oatmeal, flax seed, cinnamon, spinach
Blend and enjoy!  These are a good “meal replacment” any time of the day.

And now…for the BREAKFAST OF THE YEAR award!  Yes…it’s THAT good!

Quinoa is a great any time food.  It is a true nutritional superstar.  If you’re still unfamilair read my Keen on Quinoa post.

To make this bowl I used quinoa I cooked yesterday for my lunch.  Cook a lot of quinoa at once and portion it out into 1/2 cup portions.  It should stay in the fridge about 5 days.  I use a rice cooker for my quinoa and a 2:1 liquid to quinoa ratio.  1 cup quinoa = 2 cups of water.

To make my beautiful breakfast bowl I:
  • Added unsweetened almond milk (about 1/2 cup) to the quinoa and microwaved for 1 min
  • Then I added blueberries
  • strawberries
  • protein powder (Vanilla)
  • cinnamon
  • 1t Truvia
It was so good.  I think it was better than oatmeal(and Mr. Quaker frowns).  The quinoa “kernels” gave more crunch and texture than oatmeal.  Plus it was faster to fix. 

And three hours later I’m not yet ravenous!  That never happens with cereal…

I’m going to take a serving to school tomorrow for my second meal.  I’ll let you know how to travels.

Are you ready to take the keen on quinoa breakfast challenge????  Make a bowl, anyway you like, and post it as a comment!  One lucky reader may even WIN a prize!!?!  Ohhhhh!

Love and good stuff, 

Carissa & Kyle

  1. >I love quinoa too! I do the same, make a big batch Sunday then can use it throughout the week, its so versatile. It has replaced rice in our house for sure! I will have to try that breakfast next week. I did a quinoa dish for my work treat day this week – it has chopped strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and silvered almonds. Tossed in a dressing of maple syrup, balsamic vinegar and lime juice – I got the idea from Oh She Glows blog.

  2. >mmm I'll have to try the savory quinoa technique. I will def be using it as my go-to breakfast. I wonder if they sell in bulk on Amazon??? haha!

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