>KW Collards- Eat some Slammin’ Good Greens!

Posted: June 29, 2011 in healthy products, milestones, recipes

>It’s a Fit2Flex first!  Happy dance!  Our first blogging product review!  We blog because we love to share our tips and fit ideas with you…product reviews…well this is an added perk!  

Try a healthy product and write about it?  I think I will!

My first review is for KW Collards – a ready to serve, no-meat, full-flavor collard green.

Those of us with Southern roots are familiar with collard greens. My experience prior to this review was slim.  I knew of collards from my Grindad.  He had them on the table each Christmas dinner.  Here’s how my Mom made them.  Open can.  Dump in dish.  Microwave.  All I remember is that I hated the smell and never ate them.  Now that my Grindad is passed away, we still honor him by having collards at Christmas.  We just keep them in the can and put a bow on it!  I think Grindad would be happy to hear that this year I think I’ll actually eat the collards…as long as they are KW Collards!

Here’s what we’re digging about KW Collards

  • They are slow cooked and come to you seasoned perfectly and ready to eat
  • VEGAN!  They are NOT cooked in meat or animal fat
  • Gluten-Free
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • They don’t “smell” up your house
What I liked best about KW Collards were the actual chunks of tomato I could see.  I love tomatoes and I was happy to see them in a “foreign food”.  Once I tasted them I fell in love with the spicy flavor and the delicious vinegar backbone.  
I am honest- I was a little skeptical of collards, but the tomatoes and vinegar made me a believer! I had it for dinner…and now lunch!

The creator of KW Collards, Kizito, is from Kenya where collards are a common food staple.  He wanted to recreate the flavor he loved from home without the added fat and yuckiness of animal fat!  Good call Kizito!  Since these collards contain no pork they are also popular among Kosher food markets.

To eat my KW Collards I just heated them on the stovetop.  Easy peezy!  Last night I served them alongside some cumin spiced chicken.  I spiced the chicken with cumin, cayenne, and garlic.  I browned the outside and then baked it with red beans and diced tomatoes.  
Just heat and eat
Chicken, Red Beans, and Collards
Today’s lunch featured the collards too (I told you I’m hooked)!  This is a FANTASTIC vegetarian lunch.  My lunch included 1/2 cup quinoa, leftover red beans and tomatoes, and KW Collards!  It was so filling and hit all flavor elements.  I recommend this next time you have some vegetarian friends over.
Quinoa, collards, tomatoes, and beans
Nutritionally collards are from the same family as cabbage and broccoli. Collards are high in Vitamin C, soluble fiber, and several cancer killing antioxidants!  Collards are also a weight loss friendly food. Why? A quarter pound of collards has 46 calories- that means you can eat a lot with little caloric damage.  As cooked, KW collards have 100 calories per 1/2 cup with healthy fats from EVOO.

If you want to try KW Collards for yourself you can buy them online at the KW Collards website.  
If you live in North or South Carolina then you can you get some collards today!  They are available in Healthy Home Market in four branches, South boulevard, and Independence blvd in Charlotte NC, South Grifith street in Davidson NC and in Hickory NC; The Common Market on South Tryon and Commonwealth st in Charlotte NC, The Bradford Store in Huntersville NC, The Peach Stand in Fort Mill SC, and The Wild Radish in Greenville SC.

 I had told some of my classmates that I would give them some collards to try. But…now I kinda love them so much I don’t want to share!  I’m conceptualizing a recipe for an egg white, collard scramble.  Thoughts?

This was a fun first product to review.  I learned to love a new food.  What do you think?  Could you give vegan collards a chance?

Love and leafy greens, 
Carissa & Kyle

Note:  I was not paid by the above company for this review.  These are simply my opinons on a product I was asked to try.


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