>Apples and Cinnamon

Posted: June 26, 2011 in diet tips

>Apples and cinnamon.  They’re a legendary combo.  As American as apple pie (which basically is apples and cinnamon).  I have been digging on some apples y cinnamon lately!

Picking apples with my grindad.

I try to eat an apple a day.  And not just because it “keeps the doctor away”.  A typical apple has 4 grams of fiber.  I try to eat my apple each day between meals on a basically empty stomach.  I think of it as my digestive “street sweeper”. 🙂  Kinda gross, yet makes sense right?

How can we make a nutritional powerhouse like the apple even better???  Cinnamon!  I’ve been cutting my apple then adding cinnamon.  Now I’ve got a delicious, portable snack that seriously kinda tastes like apple pie!  Plus, cinnamon boosts your metabolic rate.

Eat me.  I’m good for you.
psst- I’m a perfect snack to sneak into movies!

Health fact: if you’re watching your sugar pick green apples over red.  Green have less sugar.

Apples.  Not just for teachers anymore.

Love and ripe fruit,
Carissa & Kyle


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