>New hair and Seasons 52

Posted: June 23, 2011 in date night, dining out

>My husband is a sweet man.  He has a special tradition of taking me out to dinner every time I “get my hair did”.  I mean you can’t let a good blow out go to waste!

Yesterday I visited my stylist Ivee (who is AMAZING) in Longwood at Candace Reed hair design. She made me blonde again 🙂 I think I’ve been seeing Ivee for gosh 4 years?  She did my hair for my wedding too.  Seriously, she’s fab!
It’s the hotness.

For dinner we debated a few places and then setteled on what I think is the Best.Restaurant.Ever (see blog) Seasons 52!  We wanted to stay pretty healthy, but still enjoy a great meal and Seasons fit that perfectly.

We made a reservation online using Open Table and good thing we did because that place was packed.  One a Tuesday night!  We had to wait past our reservation time, however the manager comped us an appetizer for the wait which I thought was great customer service. Kudos Seasons!

Our view
Chipotle chicken skewer appetizer

Since yesterday was the summer equinox it was the first day of their new summer menu.  There were several things I wanted to try, but I was most attracted by the tomato, avocado, and arugula salad.  I’m a sucker for peppery lettuce and just-ripe tomatoes!  The salad didn’t disappoint and I was shocked by the numerous, huge chunks of avocado.  Hello healthy fats!

Tomato and Avocado salad

We also enjoyed a glass of Mirrasou Pinot Noir and a basil flat bread.

We stuck to our “usuals” for dinner.  Kyle had the filet and I got grilled chicken with polenta, mushrooms, and broccoli.  I don’t even need the chicken…just give me the polenta! It’s an herb polenta and it’s so so so so creamy and good!  I think I may just try to tackle my own polenta making this weekend!

I “thought” I might try to pass up a mini-indulgence, but who am I kidding!  One red velvet cake for Kyle and a PB/Chocolate mousse for me!  
Kyle can’t even wait until I take the pic the dive in!

We were so sad when dinner was over, because we had both been really looking forward to it.  When you’re so busy during the week, like we are, it’s nice to be able to sit, enjoy great food, and just be together!  

Do you have any date night traditions??

Love and foils, 
Carissa & Kyle
  1. >We love date day/nights! We take turns plan surprise date days/nights for each every other month. Last time I planned it and we made sushi at home :)Cute haircut! It will be awesome for the summer!

  2. >Thanks Lindsey! What kind of sushi did you make at home? Kyle's not a big sushi guy but shrimp and veggie rolls!

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