>No Frittata for you

Posted: June 19, 2011 in recipes

>The best laid plans of mice and men…

Last night Thursday night, I had planned to whip up a frittata for dinner.  I wanted to use up leftover veggie’s from the week’s Sam’s trip.  Plus using eggs as a protein source for dinner saves money.  12 eggs = 1.59.

I used 2 whole eggs + 5 egg whites, 2 MorningStar veggie sausage patties, 1/2 zucchini, 1 cup spinach, and 4 mushrooms.  Estimated cost for dinner – $2.50.  Not bad!

Back to the frittata.  It didn’t happen. Call it a fritt-nada.  I was too tired for measuring and the like, so I decided to make a simple scramble.  In my book it tastes just the same!

I sauteed my mushrooms and zucchini in the tiny bit of EVOO.

I added spinach and the MorningStar veggie patties which I chopped also.

Then went in my eggs which I added 2T cold water to and whisked.  Salt and pepper too.

Scramble and voila!

For someone who doesn’t like eggs (me) it was a pretty tasty dinner.  And I only used the tiniest bit of ketchup!

Two thumbs up for my veggie full scramble!

What’s your favorite breakfast for dinner?

Love and yolks,
Carissa & Kyle

ps- please forgive my slow posting.  We dedicated today to our MudBash, relaxed, and had a wonderful time!  I have about 3 posts on the festivities coming in the next few days!  Tomorrow is focused on couponing too!


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