>Crazy Coupon Lady

Posted: June 19, 2011 in coupons

>Have I become the crazy coupon lady?


It’s addicting.

I love saving money.  It’s a total rush.  It’s like sticking it to the man!  NO I will NOT pay full price for this box of cereal!  And I will use 2 coupons if one of them is from the store and the other from a manufacturer!  And I will argue if you won’t take them both!

Crazy coupon lady?


The crazy part is when I stand by the coupon machines at the store for an extended period of time so I can “steal” as many coupons as possible until I feel someone looking at me.  This one really makes Kyle uncomfortable.

But not as much as when I peel coupons off cartons in the store!  “That’s a WHOLE dollar,” I tell him as I pillage through the tuna packets.

Who you callin’ crazy?

Blame it on Al Gore and the internet.  Blame it on the TLC show Extreme Couponing. Blame it on my stalking of coupon mom blogs.  Blame it on the al-al-al-al-alcohol.  Ok I think it’s safe to say we can take that last one off the list.  But there’s plenty of blame to go around.

Crazy or sane I’m saving BIG  bucks and even scoring some deals on healthy stuff too.  (I seriously danced at the mailbox when I got 4 free luna bar certificates)  

I got 2 razors, 2 face washes, gum, and chapstick for $8 today!  I saved $26 bones kids!

So I’ll share my crazy.

Don’t be afraid to join in.

Coupon Tips:

1.  Coupon Mom– Go to www.couponmom.com and watch the videos.  This is the best way to get the most BANG for your coupons!  I think it’s really helped me save an extra $50 a week.

2. Buy the Sunday paper-  It’s $1.50 and you will usually easily make that back.

3.  Buy the Wednesday paper-  Wednesday isn’t know for its coupons, but it has the grocery stores inserts for the upcoming weeks.  That helps me plan my BOGO trips to Publix.  And 2 weeks ago there was a $5 Publix coupon in there.  I mean I’m not one to snarl at 5 dollars!

4.  Bully your friends/neighbors/co-workers-  In the nicest possible sense of the word. TELL people that you’re couponing.  They may not need the same coupons you do.  If they share that’s extra savings for you!  psst- Nancy, Marjorie…gimme those coupons!  Please! 🙂

5. Ask – google the companies you buy the most (especially health food brands) and simply ask for coupons to be mailed to you.  Tell them you love the product, blah, blah, blah.  This will only work once, but I’ve had good success with Luna, Bolthouse Farms, Del Monte, Chobani, and Kashi.

6. Look online– there are a lot of great online coupons out there.  If it takes 30 seconds to print $1 is it worth it?  I follow some coupon blogs and coupon extradoinaries on Twitter.  They do all the hard work and I just click on the links they dig up for products I like.
Note:  many online sites want your email.  To avoid spam central I made a yahoo address that I only use for couponing and rarely check.  Saves me virtual clutter.

7. Be organized.  Keep all your coupon together and organized.  I use a wallet sized file folder and alphabetized sections.  Lose a coupon.  Lose money.  Not on my watch, honey!

I actually do enjoy couponing (it’s like rewarding OCD).  I’m happy to be saving money and building a small stockpile of household essentials.  BUT…I’m careful to avoid buying things “just because they’re on sale”.

And I will NEVER be the crazy lady who bought 60 candy bars because they were so cheap!

Actual crazy coupon lady.


Now that’s just crazy.

Love and pennies pinched,
Carissa & Kyle


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