>Clean teeth and coupons

Posted: June 7, 2011 in coupons


Today started with a massive mountain to climb…my first organic chemistry exam!  I was good at chem 1, I like am good at math, but this is much more difficult for me.  I’m anxious to see what I got. I know I missed one, because I spelled “ethylene” wrong. Booger.

My study buddies.

After class, I went home and had my tuna and rice cake lunch. I was excited to head out to Target with my coupons because there was a deal that would pay me $5 to get 3 shampoos!  I guess the rest of the world was excited too, because they were all out. Major bummer. Do I drive to another Target tomorrow or let it go?

I was so excited to get this deal and build off my success from yesterday. I got 2 boxes of Ronzoni pasta from Publix and earned 11 cents. Thank you to Nancy and Cindy for providing me extra coupons!

I did get an exciting surprise in the mail today!  6 FREE CHOBANI COUPONS! Yes, that required all caps!  I answered a Twitter contest and was selected!  It’s like I made $7 to sit and tweet.  I’ll take that!

I had a few more errands to run, including stopping by the mall to pick up some Bath& Body works antibacterial hand stuff. I’m a frugal coupon girl at heart…but I don’t compromise on my BBW sanitizers, BBW kitchen soap, and Yankee candles. 

However I did have a BBW coupon so I got a free $12 signature lotion with my purchase. Spent $20.36, saved $19.50. Not bad?  Those kitchen soaps will last me forever! (here’s a link to the Bath & Body Works coupon)

And then….I had a dentist appt today. I know! Organic chem and the dentist in the same day….not fair!

Random Carissa fact- I still have a baby tooth! 🙂

Pearly whites?

Tonight is devoted to a chemistry paper about safety, running sprints, and cleaning the house. The Bealerts (Kyles parents) are coming to dinner tomorrow. And yes, they will be subjected to the clean eating diet

I’m hoping to have time to watch my DVR “Next Food Network Star“.  It premiered on Sunday and I have been too busy to sit still since then. Except I just realized that the finals are on….so….there goes that.  I love sports…Kylee loves basketball…with college and pro I’ve had A LOT of BBALL this year!

When’s the last time you went to the dentist?

Love and NO TWO (frown face) cavities,
Carissa and Kyle


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