>Blending away

Posted: May 31, 2011 in coupons, recipes

>We got a new blender!  For those who don’t remember there was a sad incident I dropped the old blender.  We got a new Black & Decker (on sale at Target) and I’m happy to report it is a far superior blender than our old model.

Photo not from this morning.  Note the banana.

This morning’s breakfast smoothie included:

  • 1 cup vanilla Almond milk (I need to stop buying vanilla to cut extra sugar)
  • 1 scoop Dessert Chocolate Fudge protein powder
  • 1 handful spinach
  • 1/3 c oatmeal
  • 1T flax seeds
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1 squirt Hershey’s chocolate fudge (for Grandma)
  • 3 ice cubes
I sipped away as I drove to school this morning.  Today I started my second chemistry class, organic chem.  I am also pleased to report that I got an A in the class and lab for my 1st class. The 4.0 survives another semester. 🙂

After school I had to go to Sam’s Club.  I have a love/hate relationship with Sam’s Club.  Not so much LOVE or HATE.  But annoyance/necessity relationship.  

I only go there to get certain items I need.  One of which is 1L bottles of water.  We really don’t buy any smaller, because then we just drink them too fast.  We are a well hydrated family.  BUT this water is heavy.  I work out and ITS STILL HEAVY.  And it’s in the back of the store so it’s a hamstring workout to push my now 100lb cart to the front to check out.  (ok not really 100lb but it feels like the weight of the world).

You heavy, heavy water.
I also got some other healthy good deals at Sams.  I got 12 Chobani Greek yogurt for $11.58 when it’s $1.39 each elsewhere. That’s a savings of $5.10.

If you are dieting and looking for healthy snacks Chobani is PERFECT!  It is a good source of protein with low carbs and sugar to keep you full and your metabolism going.  Kyle eats them daily. 

psst- Chobani coupons are available – here!

I also got 16 Special K protein bars for $11.98. They are $5.99 for 6 bars elsewhere so I basically got 4 free bars.  I also snagged a bag of Yoplait smoothie sensations.  These make AMAZING smoothies.  The bag has 10 servings for $9.88 and at Publix it’s $3.19 for 2 servings.  That’s a savings of $6.07.

So I have a sore back?  I saved at least $15…and I scored some strange but charming Steve Madden flats for $11.  Heehee! They seem very earthy to me.  How’d those get in my basket?
The jury is still out.  They may go back?
Lunch today was leftover Zeus’s Greek Chicken Salad and okra.

Now I’m back to cleaning up the house and prepping for tonight’s dinner of spaghetti (squash) and turkey mushroom marinara.

Where do you like to shop for groceries?

Love and bulk buys, 
Carissa & Kyle
  1. tbelloff says:

    >So funny… I feel the same way about SAMs.. So how do you use a special k bar in a smoothie? Taia

  2. >haha- I use the yoplait fruit in my smoothies..but I guess I could blend some protein bars! Kinda chunky for a smoothie! 🙂

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