>Group run and Jeff Galloway training system

Posted: May 28, 2011 in cardio, races

>Good morning world! I was one grumpy goose when I woke up at 620am today…on a Saturday!  But now I’ve run and my endorphins have me feeling much more chipper.

Does anyone else wake up in the morning and instantly try to think when they can get a nap?  Or am I weird?  

I had the pleasure to meet up with a Jeff Galloway training group in Fleming Island this morning.  A lot of them are running the Freedom 8k on Monday and we also had some media from Jacksonville.com supporting our race.  Since I am a Galloway-er myself I was right on pace with their run-walk system.

If you are not familiar with the Jeff Galloway training system let me tell you, because I am a HUGE fan.  I was able to run a marathon injury free and happy with his system.  Jeff is a former US Olympian and provides a way to run “injury free” with his RUN-WALK-RUN system.  Based on the race and your pace you alternate bouts of running and walking at prescribed.  

For my marathon I did 4 minutes of running to 1 minute of walking. It changed my running life.  It pushes back your “wall” and for me, specifically, it stretches out my hips that get so tight when I run.

Today we went approx 4.06 miles.  Our pace was very easy alternating running 45 seconds with 30 seconds of walking.  Manny, the founder of the Freedom Marathon, and I run the last mile straight through in about 8min.

If you are a beginner runner or somebody who wants a proven marathon/half marathon training plan, then I 100% suggest you take a look at Jeff Galloway’s plans.  His plans will get you to the finish line and you will be hooked!  He is also the official trainer of the RunDisney series.  He is a great guy who I have interviewed and worked with several times.  I’m a fan, Jeff!

With Jeff Galloway at the start of the Disney Marathon

 After my 4 miles it was breakfast time.  I was very proud of myself for ignoring the tiny, chocolate donuts the hotel buffet had and heading up to my room for a healthy breakfast.  I had Kashi Go Lean with the most amazing, sweetest blackberries and soy milk. 

Do you like my bowl?

I also had some coffee.  It was needed.

Love and running feet, 
Carissa & Kyle


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