>Grilled Fajita Pizza

Posted: May 26, 2011 in recipes


Even though it’s always warm here in Orlando, the grill calls my name much more in the summer months. (I don’t think its technically summer here but its 95 and that trumps any equinox).  

The grilled flavors are something I crave when its hot.

Last Sunday, Kyle and I made a summer favorite for us…a Grilled Fajita Pizza.

Since I’m the owner of this blog I get a little creative liberty…there is NO cheese on this “pizza” so I guess its not a pizza.  But the name just sounded good. You could add cheese, but then you would be adding calories and fat. Trust me, these flavors are so strong you don’t need queso.

We marinated chicken breast and flank steak for several hours in a mesquite lime marinade with an actual lime squeezed in.

I made guacamole to serve as the base for the pizza. Hello healthy fats!  I mix a ripe avocado, chopped tomato, lemon juice, a pinch of salt, and a dash of hot sauce. Its green heaven!
Kyle fired up the grill. Our poor sad grill that needs replacing. Our poor, MEAN grill!!  Kyle burned 4 fingers!  Seriously.

He grilled the meats as well as sliced peppers and onions and the whole wheat tortillas. We sprayed the veggies and tortilla with Pam prior to grilling.

Then it’s assembly time.  Tortilla + guacamole + peppers y onions + meat + jalapeno = success.

Finished product with okra on the side.

I really recommend giving this recipe a try.  It’s perfect summer food.

What do you crave in the summer?

Love and good grill marks,
Carissa & Kyle


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