>Shingle Creek Staycation- Day 2.5

Posted: May 24, 2011 in date night, dining out, travel


This is the final post in the Shingle Creek trilogy. It will be the last. *tear* Unless someone would like to sponsor our next staycation there? Nope….no…..still holding…and scene.

After a long day in the sun and two great meals there was only one thing left for us to do at Shingle Creek…EAT again!

I know. We ate a lot. It’s kinda grossing me out reading it all at once.

After we got ready for dinner we walked around the grounds of Shingle Creek for a while enjoying the beautiful night. Once we saw one bunny, Kyle was on the hunt to see how many he could spot. Grand bunny total- 2! But not for lack of trying.

Purple Bunny Camouflage 

Our original plan was to eat at the newer Asian restaurant on the grounds (I think its caled Bonrai sushi). We figured it would be lighter and we’d never eaten there before. 

BUT the sentimental pull of Cala Bella brought me in. We ate there for my 24th birthday, we got engaged there, and we celebrated NYE 2010 there too. No trip to Shingle Creek is complete without some Cala Bella Italian food. So we went. And I am SO glad we did!

Birthday Madness 2008

We both had to be up early for work and school the next morning and we weren’t starving (I wonder why???) so we ate lighter than usual.

I had been craving a martini so I ordered a peach bellini martini thing. I don’t ever drink martinis and this one was a tad too strong for me. All I tasted was alcohol. But it was so pretty to look at!

We shared the Tuscan Bean Soup to start and it was fabulous! It had a rich flavor and was full of beans and fiber! Yeah fiber! I’m slowly turning into my mom (ahhhhh) because I find myself wanting soup more and more….and this is scaring Kyle! 🙂 Is this happening to anyone else?

For dinner I had the Shrimp Genova. OMG. This may be the BEST dish I have ever had! I can’t even describe all the flavors but it was so complex and rich. If you like mushrooms and shrimp you have to try this. According to the menu it was sauteed shrimp, porcini mushrooms, prosciutto, and spinach, flamed with Grappa. Oh- yum! I saved 1/2 for leftovers the next day and that was tough to do.

Kyle went with the special which was the lobster risotto. It had a beautiful color and a good flavor…..it didn’t change my world but it was a good dish.

I would 100% recommend dining at Cala Bella to anyone who likes real Italian flavors beyond lasagna, alfredo, ect…. It is a gorgeous restaurant with wonderful service and enclyopedia length wine list.  We always have a great time and the meal is served in an elegant, relaxing fashion.  Definitely a gem in the crowded Orlando dining scene.

After a late dinner we were off our room to get to bed and watch the Heat game.

The last night of vacation is always so sad. Who wants to go back to the real world?


Love and parmesan cheese,
Carissa & Kyle


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