>Easy like Sunday Morning

Posted: May 3, 2011 in diet tips, dining out


I love nothing more than a lazy Sunday morning DAY!  But I’ll take a morning when I can get it. I love having no alarm clock to wake up to, coffee, a lazy breakfast, the Sunday paper, and MY COUPONS!

We had such a morning yesterday.  We planned on getting up around 830…..welp 1047am rolled around!  haha!  Old sleeping habits die hard!  No worries though- I was in Sunday laziness mode!

For breakfast I had my usual Kashi Go Lean with raisins and almond milk.  Kyle had Special K with berries and a protein shake.  Sometimes cereal is so good!  We lounged around and watched more NFL draft recap.

Then we went out for some extreme couponing at Walgreens.  I’ll dish out a whole blog about couponing soon, but I recommend jumping over to CouponMom if you want to get started.  I was stoked to get Kyle a Gillette Fusion razor for 89 cents!  Score! 

After Walgreens we needed to get lunch.  Usually I’m a stickler about eating lunch at home to save money (I know I’m sooooo fun) but we had A egg and maybe some bread so to Honey Baked Ham we went.  We both got ham with cheddar and mustard on whole wheat.  It was a yummy treat!  I don’t usually eat pork, but I have been on a ham sammy kick lately!  It makes a well rounded carb, protein, and healthy fat lunch.

Ham Heaven with the signature bite missing.
He was happy because I gave him 1/4 of my sammy.

Then onto Lowe’s!  That’s how you know you’re a married homeowners….you go to Lowe’s and spend more money than you ever imagined!  We were adding some plants and mulch to our front yard and I needed some gardening supplies and I wanted a mint plant.  

From left to right- mint, tomato, pepper, rosemary, pepper, basil, tomato.
Parsley and green onions

My “star” basil plant

About our yard….we are still learning how to manage that.  If you have any tips…pass them along!  But the front looks beautiful currently thanks to Kyle’s hard work!

Kyle the yard conqueror. 

We enjoyed an easy dinner on the back porch and even had time to visit Kyle’s cousin’s new home.  That’s what I call “duh winning”!

Asia is admiring the garden or crying to get out?

I mean I guess it was a “lazy Sunday”!

Here’s one important thing to do on Sundays:

Plan your meals for the rest of the week.  That way you will have a healthy game plan and can focus on your fitness/weight loss/workout goals.

Our meal plan for the week:
Monday- Greek Chicken Salad
Tuesday- Baked wheat germ chicken “nuggets” and spinach salad
Wednesday- Turkey zucchini lasagna with homemade sauce
Thursday- Tilapia and spinach salad
Friday- Turkey kielbasa and orzo casserole

I cherish Kyle and I’s Sundays together.  Can’t wait until next week!

Love and lazy days, 
Kyle & Carissa


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