>We all fall down…a running first

Posted: April 30, 2011 in cardio


80’s Babies at the Muddy Buddy

Call me Forrest Gump because I have been RUNNNIINNNG a long time.

I was the shuttle run champ in 1st grade.  I tore up the Hershey Invitational and was a caucasian sprinting sensation at age 9.

Circa 1996.  The hotness.

I ran track from middle school until my junior year of high school.  I ran indoor track and outdoor track.  I high jumped, triple jumped, pole valuted, hurdled, and ran the 4×100.  I was pretty good.  I lettered 6 times, I had 4 district medals, and I competed in several bigger meets including one at William & Mary.

The side ponytail was SO in.

*side note- in Virginia “indoor track” is just a clever name.  No high schools have indoor tracks there!  It was soooo cold outside in the winter and here we were running!  We had to scrape ice off the mats so we could jump!  The only time you were indoors was to go to the bathroom!*

I started running again in 2005.  I ran a 5k, then a 10k, then a 12k, then several  half marathons, and even a full 26.2 miles of sweat and orange slices!

Mile 19 was a real BEAR!
Clearwater 1/2 Marathon with Darcy.
ESPN 5K 2011 with Kyle.

But today something happened to me that has NEVER happened before.

I fell.

I ate some serious pavement.  I mean, I had some sweet falls and cuts from running hurdles, but today I was just jogging sans obstacles.

I was about 4 minutes into my warm up….and then I was in a plank position on the ground. Luckily my cat like reflexes took over and I avoided slamming my knees or face into the sidewalk.  I slammed my hands into the ground pretty good but I’m fine. (I know you were concerned).  Just to be safe I slowed my run and did 3 easy miles with Lil Wayne on the ole Pandora.

Sweaty Face and semi-scratched hand

It was an interesting way to start my Saturday.  I hydrated from my run with some coconut water and now I’m going to have my usual morning bowl of berries, Kashi Go Lean, and almond milk.

Have you ever taken a tumble while running?

Love and Neosporin,
Carissa and Kyle


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