>Wine Down Wednesday

Posted: April 29, 2011 in dining out

>Last night we enjoyed a rare mid-week trip out for some wine, flatbreads, and friends!  There was nothing really healthy about any part of this evening….but I did eat a lot of salad!

Our first stop was Urban Flats in Winter Garden.  It’s $17 for all you can drink wine, flatbreads, salad, and chocolate fondue.  The “red blend” wine was smooth and delicious!  Mmmm red, red wine!  Kyle did have to stalk the servers so he could get flat bread as soon as it was put out!  You gotta move fast!  As usual the fig & prosciutto flatbread was our favorite.  Salty and sweet!

After Urban Flats we made a quick stop at Hagan O’Reillys Irish Pub.  The place was packed!  Does everyone go out on Wednesday nights?  They had a nice outdoor patio area and you could play  CORN HOLE!  How fun is that?

Kyle and his cousin Shawn

Our final stop of the evening was to visit our friends Carlos and Carissa’s house to hear about their trip from Coachella and partake in some (more) red wine.  They have some beautiful art in their home that I wanted to share.  My favorite is the pic by Luis Sottil. He paints in a style he called “naturalismo”.  If you’re shocked at my random art knowledge don’t forget that I did spend 4 months working at the Wyland Art Gallery at Disney!

Luis Sottil

It was great to get out and see friends!  I go back to school full time on Monday (taking chemistry nonetheless) so it was my last hurrah of sorts.

We’re going to spend the evening watching the first round of the draft.  Look for a draft post tomorrow!

Love and merlot,

Carissa & Kyle


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